Baking Bread

I’m going to bake my own bread at the weekend, see how this goes. The man has been dabbling in pizza breads, maybe i’ll do a post about something like that later.

Seems like to bake a bread you’ll need,

white flour
wholewheat flour
dry yeast
sea salt
brown sugar

a mixing bowl
some measuring devices
and a surface to knead the bread on
ah yeah and a towel and an oven of course

I try to stay away from recipes that involve eggs and butter, i mean are we baking a cake here or what?! Also it needs to be vegan and i like the old school version of bread..

Some of the videos i found use fancy instruments like thermometers and measuring spoons, who’s got shit like that at home? Why not make it easy and measure with teaspoons or something?

Anyways, at the moment i like to get organic rice chia bread from the wholefoods shop, it has a nice crunchy, chewy texture when you toast the shit out of it and it’s gluten free too. I also like the rye chia bread.

The lady in this videos puts honey in the dough to feed the yeast, some people put sugar in it, i suppose you can swap that with your favourite brown or palm sugar or rice malt syrup or whatever? Not sure..


I like the old lady in the video, she seems cool! I like her approach.

Here is part 2

Once you get good at it and get the basics right you can put all kinds of stuff into your bread, like chia, polenta, grated carrots and nuts.. GO WILD!!!

I’m gonna try this at the weekend and will tell you how it goes.

Not sure how much cheaper it is, but i like the idea of the process, you know, getting connected with your food.

This video is pretty cool too, i like the videos i posted, coz they are really basic and they have a lot of info in them too.


Some people seem not to be able to digest gluten, not sure if it’s necessary for the rest of us to stay away from it? I will make some gluten free bread later.

I also bought some breads made from sprouted grains at the wholefood shop, they are stored in the fridge and i find them overly sweet. Not sure if it’s from the sprouting process or the kind of bread i got, but i tried two different ones and they were both basically the same. Too sweet for me!

I wanna make breads with soaked grains though, but i don’t have a grinder at the moment so i’ll leave that for later.

Do you need sugar and yeast to make bread?

What do you do if the yeast doesn’t rise, just chuck the dough out? Seems like a waste..

Have you made bread before? You got any tips?


10 responses to “Baking Bread

  1. Baking bread is dead easy. The hardest part is kneading the dough for ten minutes! But I like that part, it kind of connects you to the bread more. And it’s good for stress relief! Actually, thinking about it, the hardest part is taking the bread out of the oven then not slicing it for five minutes to help keep the bread moist. It smells too good!

    My tips for making the bread rise is to find a nice warm spot for it, and often on top the the fridge is good! Also, try chucking in a good tablespoon or so of dried rosemary or 1/2 a tablespoon of fresh rosemary. Makes your house smell delicious and tastes really good smothered in honey. Other things I’ve thrown in include sultanas, sun-dried tomato and chocolate-chips.

    I know you can make bread without yeast, try looking up recipes for different kinds of flat breads. I haven’t tried it myself, but I reckon it’d be a good experiment.

  2. Don’t use yeast for any bread that doesn’t have wheat in it. Yeast has to have gluten to encase the co2 bubbles.

    Use baking soda, or just eat the bread flat.

  3. Have a look at irish soda bread – you can make that with any grain. Mix in less than a minute.

    And yes, bread made with sprouted grain will taste very sweet. The “malting” process applied to grains is just sprouting. It develops a whole lot of sugar out of what was starch. Then they use the malted grain to ferment beer or wine. The sugar feeds the yeast.

    • Ok, what?! Slowly please.. 🙂 I didn’t know there was a malting process involved, is that the same as sprouting?

      And yeah, I thought the sweetness had something to do with the way it’s processed, is it a good thing?
      I will look up that soda bread!

  4. I have an awesome sourdough recipe, it takes 2 weeks to make the starter & the house smell like old socks but the bread is like nothing you have ever tasted. Not old socks 🙂

  5. I don’t use sugar or honey. The yeast works perfectly well without them. There are some pizza posts kicking around on my blog, and a half eaten foccaccia as I forgot to take the pic before we dived into it 😀 I used to use fresh yeast and bake virtually every other day when I fell in from work doing my superwoman routine. No fresh available in Gib, but dried has worked just as well – not those funny mixes though, just straight dried yeast. Anyway, you’ve obviously cracked it as your later bread pix look great.

  6. Good to know it work without sugars. I haven’t made bread for a while and didn’t do any more research. I’m not sure I really like the bread we made? It’s a bit brittle. I’ll definitely try it again though. Thanks for the tips!:)

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