Abodes-Boats and Spaceships

I showed you a guy living in a tree house and one living off the grid in a camper van before in this post.

There is lots of different styles and places of living.

The houses in this video are most likely some of the most awesomest and most beautifulst houses there are.  They look like spaceships and I’m totally in love with all the organic shapes inside and out. Also they are fully sustainable, I mean does it get any better?

Just to show you you don’t have to be “a hippie in a mud hole” to live sustainably. You can do it with style!

Full movie here


And. Oh. My. God. I LOVE this woman’s house boat!!

It’s just awesome and cozy and it looks lovely and she seems really cool!


This video is really cool too! It’s about a woman who lives in a converted shipping container with her young daughter.

So inspiring and creative!! I love it how these people are like super creative and make do with small spaces and make things work and recycle used building materials.

Hope you have been as inspired as I have been by the videos. Are you making anything at the weekend?  As I said, I will be making some bread, I’m pretty excited about that!


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