Baking bread and sweet potatoes

So i baked some bread today, i must have baked bread before, but i can’t quite remember it, other then making flat breads..

Anyways, it turned out quite nice i think, i used the videos in this post to guide me through, they were really quite helpful.

I put too much water in(my cups must be bigger then the ones in the recipe?) and then i had to compensate with quite a bit of flour, so the dough turned out massive and i made it into two breads!! Which is kind of handy, considering we went to the wholefoods shop today and they had run out of bread, so we should have enough maybe for a week.

I kind of feel like we should make our own bread most of the time from now on, we will see.. So yeah, i will try some variations soon with chia seeds and ..ah dammit, i just remembered i wanted to put rosemary in it. Ah well, next weekend..

So this is the bread

Pretty nice, right?!

We had it straight out of the oven with olive oil and salt and it was just delicious!

I was wondering how sweet potatoes are grown and looked it up for a friend. Apparently they like a warm, subtropical climate. So probaly not that great for most parts of Europe and North America, but I suppose you could grow them in most parts of Australia. They need a long growing season(4 months of warm/hot weather) and apparently they are a sprawling vine sort of vegetable. Also, don’t plant them too early as they don’t like the cold soil and you wanna have the potatoe sprout some shoots and then pick the shoots off and have them grow roots before you plant them. You can also get shoots from some nurseries. Anyways, that’s what i picked up from the videos i watched, i won’t try it, but i thought sweet potatoe is quite a nice vegetable for every now and then.

The video doesn’t really show much, but it’s the best one i found.

I wanna make some vegan spreads next, do you think i need a food processor for that? I hope not, coz i haven’t got one! What are you making this weekend?


2 responses to “Baking bread and sweet potatoes

  1. I’ve only ever attempted flat breads and foccacia, our problem is that we can’t resist the smell of freshly baked bread and gobble it all down…lol As for the sweet potatoes, they were growing everywhere here when we moved in and rats had taken to burrowing and eating…it took us ages to get rid of them, the rats that is, so I’ve been too traumatised to try growing sweet potatoes again…maybe next year!

  2. Ummm … I just made myself a cuppa coffee … I’ll just be nuking up frozen and refrigerated cooked veg, plus (foods which shall remain nameless … ) maybe open a can of beans! 😐

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