Saving Time, Killing Time, Wasting Time

As i said yesterday, i’m pretty good with saving money. Which is funny coz i’m not that good at saving time. I do work 40 hours a week, so that does take up quite a bit of it.

Often you can hear people talk about saving money, but then some are talking about killing time, while others again are complaining about how all their time gets wasted. So why would anyone kill time, that’s like saying, “Let’s go out and totally waste money!” or even worse, “Let’s totally waste our lives!”. Because once you finished killing your time, you’re probably dead.
Where are the priorities here?

Most of my waking hours i either spend at work or on the net, especially on facebook. I’m planning on halving my working hours, but I can’t do this at the moment. So that’s a thing for later.

What i can do is get off facebook. It’s hard, coz i find the internet so fascinating! There are so many interesting links and articles out there and you can find some nice people to chat to.

But i have to prioritize, and i don’t think being on the net should be a priority for me right now. What works quite well for me is “distracting” myself with better, more exciting things. Lately we have been going on drives through the country, one of my favourites, picnics in the parks, where we saw lots and lost of kangaroos, and you know things like baking bread or making plans..

Better off wasting my time with the roos!

It’s not so hard when i have interesting things to do, it get’s hard when i try new ones and they don’t work out and i get frustrated. When i have some spare minutes, that all of a sudden turn into hours on facebook and by the time i get off the computer i wonder “What happened to my day?”

So the plan is to save time, i’ll try and stay off facebook for the rest of the week, i might even manage to shrink the amount of tabs i got open on my screen from 200 to something manageable!

This is what i will figure out over the next days.

How do you prioritize time when you don’t have a whole lot of it? How do you deal with easy distractions?


2 responses to “Saving Time, Killing Time, Wasting Time

  1. Your blog has just become a distraction!! But far more interesting than FB which I chucked a while back and haven’t missed 🙂 If you haven’t done it yet (I’m reading your Jan posts), do it.

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