Salt. It’s important. But apparently it’s bad for you.

Well, first of all there are different types of salt, i split them into 3 groups, table salt, sea salt and Himalayan salt.

Table salt is bleached and stripped of it’s minerals, so you just have 2 compounds left, Sodium and Chloride, then some anti-caking agents are added, maybe they will even add iodine and flouride, there you have your nice table salt.. Pretty gross.
Don’t get me started on flouridating salt, water or toothpaste.. That’s a topic for a later post.

Sea salt is better, natural, should be unbleached and has more minerals in it, but is obviously contaminated from all the rubbish that we dump into our oceans.

And then there is Himalayan crystal salt. I love Himalayan salt! It’s the best! Seriously, it tastes awesome, doesn’t leave that  burning sensation in your mouth like table salt does, is milder, but still saltier. And it’s all so healthy with the minerals and trace elements it contains. You know, the shit your body needs!

This dude explains it quite well. Watch it!

Salt is supposed to be bad for you and i find it unfair that all kinds of salt are just thrown into the same box and all of them are getting a bad rep.  While large quantities of table salt are, crystal salt is good for you, because, among other things, it is supposed to balance your blood pressure and the water content in your body.

We used to use sea salt, because it took me a while to find Himalayan salt in Australia(i used to use it back in the day..). Now i use it all the time. When i’m eating somewhere where there is only table salt available i won’t use it. I hate food that isn’t salted enough, but i’ll rather pass on the table salt, it’s disgusting.

Some of my favourite condiments. Organic cayenne pepper, organic dulse flakes and organic Himalayan crystal salt. I love my pincher jars

Don’t put the Himalayan salt in a salt shaker, it won’t work and will just clog it up. Use a pincher instead, i use small wide jars(they used to be antipasto jars), they are perfect and look pretty awesome!

Salt is more important then you think.

Here is another interesting video.


6 responses to “Salt

  1. I’ve been getting tiny free sample envelopes of Himalayan crystal salt from the local health food store. I use it for healing.

  2. I agree with you about those other additives in table salt but we seriously need Iodine.

    I use sea salt because like you I want something more nutritious and without the additives (they even put SUGAR in some table salt here in the US–YUCK). I’d like to try Hymalayan salt, but the only places I’ve seen it it is WAY out of my budget.

    I don’t believe that salt is “bad” for us. I think that’s just more bullshit. I think it’s good for us. It’s imperative to eat salt in extremely hot weather because we lose so much in sweat. I think some people actually died from lack of salt a few years ago during a heatwave.

    • I suppose table salt is very similar to refined white sugar, it’s highly processed and stripped of it’s natural nutrients and minerals. I think both, refined sugar and refined salt are bad. You can actually get iodine from other food sources and sea salt/rock salt also contain iodine in it’s natural form. I just find it highly suspicious when a food get’s stripped of it’s natural minerals and then some of them get artificially added. And then mainstream medicine and media tells us it’s good for us. Also, excessive iodine consumption can also cause damage to our health.
      I heard eating table salt is better then not eating salt at all, it might be, i haven’t really looked into from what food sources you can get certain minerals from. But i suppose eating McDonald’s is also better then not eating at all.;)

      Would be interesting to know also how people’s mineral intake was before they started harvesting salt.

  3. Yes I like the himalayan but also use sea salt…i do like my salt and don’t intend giving it up…interesting vids…

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