Possum Living

Today i’m too tired to write a long post, so i thought you might wanna watch this short documentary.

It’s called Possum Living and is about an 18 year old girl and her dad living frugally on their own half-acre lot outside of Philadelphia in the late 70’s.

part 2

part 3



5 responses to “Possum Living

  1. How utterly sweet, and a nice watch after the one on consuming kids (how despicable is that industry?) I googled possum living and found Dolly still has a blog, she went on to become a NASA aerospace engineer and still lives green…thanks for sharing, filled in my rainy afternoon!

    • Ah Thanks! Great to know you enjoyed the clips. The advertising industry is pretty disgusting for what they do in general, but especially because of their images of women and the marketing to kids, that is just plain evil.
      I saw Dolly’s blog. I like her film, she’s cool!

  2. oops…forgot the link, Dolly’s blog is at http://www.possumliving.net/about.html

  3. Couldn’t watch the turtle slaughter. Too bad they focused on that instead of all the other infinite ways to eat. :/

  4. I know, i didn’t like that either. And i don’t like watching it. But to me it’s not as bad as mass farming, with all it’s over breading and enclosed spaces and things and also coz they live quite sustainably and don’t waste things.
    There is other aspects i liked about the film, so i focused on that instead.

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