The Pee and Poo Show

The title of this video was just too great to pass up!

I about heard people using humanure before and i thought that would be really, reeaaally gross!! Like crapping into a field kinda gross. But the method the woman in the clip is using looks actually pretty straight forward. Not straight forward enough for me mind you, i’d prefer it if the grey water from showers and washing machines was hooked up to the toilet. Doesn’t make sense to me that that isn’t standard by now..

I think the clip is great though. Really hands on. Literally!(Watch it!) If you hear people talk about sustainable living, people mostly talk about growing a vegetable patch or re-using building materials, but you hardly ever hear people talk about crap. Now i know having a composting toilet would be pretty hardcore and you have to start somewhere and it’s not for everyone, but if you wanted to live sustainably and off the grid, that would be one of the major items to think about. Also, this is obviously not a subject people talk about as enthusiastically as for example how their new tomato plants are doing..

I heard about a filter system before, but i haven’t really seen how it works yet, where the human waste is filtered through different garden beds and the plants(obviously not plants meant for eating) filter all the shit out. If you know more about that or have any links to it post them in the comments! Also if you know of other sustainable ways of dealing “with your shit”, post them too! What method do you prefer?


2 responses to “The Pee and Poo Show

  1. We mentioned the issue on a radio show and people wrote in and complained! Some people can’t even cope with the idea of flushing the toilet less or using reusable pads. People are so far removed from the realities of basic sustainability…

    • Cate, that’s exactly what i was talking about. People are just too happy to talk about sustainable food, but not about how to ged rid off it when it comes out the other end, lol.. Up to everyone how far they wanna go, but it seems a bit disingenuous to not even wanna know about it.

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