Get Rid Off The Clutter


I think if you just stick to that rule, depending on your buying habits, you should half your shit in no time. If you’re having problems sticking to that rule maybe start a spending diary.

Secondly, go through your shit. Do it by room, by drawer, whatever, find your own pace. This is an ongoing project, remember. Pile shit into,



•give away



Put the shit you throw in the designated bin.

If you wanna sell shit, put it in a spare corner somewhere and then put a couple of items each week on Ebay or something. Or hold a garage sale, if that’s what you’re into.

Decide who you can give your shit to. If charities are not for you, maybe you know other organizations or you might wanna give it directly to people who need it. Post it on websites like freecycle. Please keep in mind that the things that are worthless to you might be what other people need. Don’t give broken, useless, dirty items aka rubbish away, that’s just gross!

If you have three of the same items and you only really wanna keep one in the long run, but you don’t wanna part with the rest, use them! Just DON’T buy any more.
Swap them around, put them on the counter, the front of your wardrobe, so you’ll see them.

Clean out your drawers, wardrobe, whatever and put the shit you wanna keep, that’s in good condition and you’re happy with back in place.

Personally, i find it useful to leave some of the things i wanna use more/use up lying outside(not too many or it’s chaos). That may look a bit messier for a while but if you stick to it(and don’t buy any more, remember) then it should start looking better very soon.

Coz you might find that, either you can go without the stuff that is lying about and give it away or you can’t go without it and find a place for it. Or just use it up and DON’T buy any more spare!

Change things around every week, play with them, even if you just rearrange the pantry, it will make a difference. Some projects like cleaning out the garage you might do in one day, other take a lot longer.

Getting rid of stuff, getting things freshly organized can be very liberating and a breath of fresh air.
But even if it doesn’t involve things of sentimental value,  just like any other change, purging can be painful. Letting things go, changing your lifestyle, can be scary.

It’s a bit like loosing weight, you don’t wanna go on a crash diet and throw out all your shit and then go a shopping binge. It can be a slow transition.

Just stick to it, make some plans and have some fun!
And you should have more space and more peace of mind in no time!


6 responses to “Get Rid Off The Clutter

  1. Don’t forget freecycle
    A place to advertise your unwanted stuff that you are willing to give free to people.

  2. Good post. I have been whittling for years. I think, at least for me, the best advice of this whole post is to use what you don’t normally use (esp. if it means too much to you to actually part with). Best advice ever!

  3. My apologises- you did mention freecycle. I will have to stop speed reading blogs or get new glasses. ha ha I just discovered free cycle, put up some stuff and the person who collected it was a friend of my sons, small world.
    Really enjoying your blog. Thanks for putting in all the hard work so we can have a sweat read. : )

    • Ah, Thanks Marilyn.:) Yeah, i had a look at freecycle a couple of times, i get the impression it could be quite annoying to get all these emails sent to. That’s how it works isn’t it?! I think you would need a new email address just for that..

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