Freegans, weird name, right?! I don’t like it. What has getting stuff for free to do with vegan, coz it doesn’t hurt anyone?! Doesn’t mean they are vegan either. When i was squatting i never heard anyone actually call themselves a freegan.

That’s to say, i like the concept, just find the name a bit  ..contrived.

Nevertheless, you can check out this freegan website to find out more about how the ideologies of waste minimization, consuming and working less and eco-friendly transportation are tying in with the freegan lifestyle .

I posted a clip about some freegan practices in this previous post before.

Have a look at how the freegans do it, in these clips.

This woman’s show is quite funny(she’s so Australian!).

Freegan/dumpster diving/skipping and food recycling, as it is sometimes called, isn’t for everyone, i find it a bit rough and embarrassing to go through bins looking for food, but i have done it and i have eaten food other people pulled out of the rubbish (in general i’m more comfortable with getting other stuff, furniture or homewares for example).
If you’re broke, you’re grateful for things you probably wouldn’t normally be so grateful for.

Also, for most people i met it wasn’t a political statement it was a necessity, but then i suppose your life is always in some way a political statement.

Have you ever pulled shit out of the rubbish, apart from picking up the odd piece of hard rubbish from the side of the road? What was your best find? Would you eat food that came out of the bin if it was fresh and clean?


4 responses to “Freegans

  1. This woman is a wonderful storyteller and lives her life this way, though I haven’t seen her refer to herself by that word. I’m linking to a page at her blog that has some more interesting posts, but she has many that are good:

  2. I see more and more people digging through the trash for food in NYC, basically every day I see this, and these people are not your average homeless person. I’ve seen young “normal” looking people, and one guy even offered me some pasta. I literally see this every day.

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