Cosmetics are made by the DEVIL!

I told you i was going through all my cupboards and drawers the other day. And i found quite a few cosmetics i decided to finally use.

I’m pretty big on reading food labels, but reading cosmetic labels just gives me a headache. I chucked a couple of things out, coz the ingredients just freaked me out. But one of the things i kept is this hair product, coz i tried it and i liked it, it made my hair all soft, it probaly just disolves it tho or something..

Let’s call the product a ‘leave in moisturizer’, i thought i would list all the ingredients for a closer inspection.. just bear with me here..

•butylene glycol
•c13-14 isoparaffin
•chlorhexidine dihydrochloride
•benzyl salicylate
•benzyl alcohol
•alpha-isomethyl ionone
•butylphenyl methylproponial
•hexyl cinnamal
•parfum/fragrance(f.i.l c38700/1)

Needless to say, that took me about half an hour to type up and made my ADD flare up. Now, if you can tell me what any of these things are(other then water and perfume), without looking them up on google, you are pretty good. If you can name three you are a true master!!
There should be a rule, ‘If you can’t eat it or you can’t read it, don’t put it on your skin!’!

Now, this makes me ask the question, what the hell does this stuff do in our cosmetics, is this really necessary?! What the fuck does this shit do to our bodies?!
Part of my challenge is to get rid of all mineral oil based cosmetics. Unfortunately  almost all of the products of my favourite moisturizer brand are petroleum based.
I’m looking for alternatives here.
Some cheap, some organic, some out of the food pantry.. Here are some i found.

Bi-carboanate soda I tried to wash my hair with bi-carboanate soda before and it just burns my scalp. Now, i have very sensitive skin and i heard lots of people had good results with it. I tried it twice for a couple of days, it doesn’t work for me.

Vinegar rinse, not sure how good it is, but i used it after the bi-carb and it stopped the burning, so it can’t be that bad.

Jojoba oil I bought some organic one, it’s supposed to be a great moisturizer that imitates the skin sebum and thereby makes the skin regulate the moisture itself. Doesn’t really work well for me either for some reason. I find it very drying. It’s not really an oil either, it’s actually a wax. I find it great as a massage oil though.

Essential oils Great to add to massage oils or as a perfume substitute. My favourite is lavender, so calming, smells so nice.

Cocoa Butter I love it, my favourite moisturizer brand is based on cocoa butter, shame about the mineral oil though. I’ll try to use cocoa butter by itself. It’s quite expensive to buy in the wholefoods shop, but so are regular creams and potions. And it LASTS. It’s a bit thick though by itself, so i might have to thin it down with something. Haven’t got a clue with what? Cocoa butter is a great alternative to coconut butter, some people use that for cosmetic, but i find it just smells RANCID! Completely gross!!

You can also find natural cosmetic brands in wholefood stores that are pretty good, bit pricey though. Just always read the label, not everything that says “natural” or “organic” on the label is actually that great.

What natural cosmetics do you use? Do you read cosmetic labels or don’t you worry about that? Have you got any tricks in your food pantry?


3 responses to “Cosmetics are made by the DEVIL!

  1. Anything with any kind of paraben, EDTA, or sodium laurel or laureth anything should not be used as those are all carcinogens. And remember it takes about 10-15 minutes for anything you put on your facial skin to sink into it, and something like 80 % of what you put there does sink in, so these ingredients should especially be kept off the skin. I’m not sure how that works with hair, if you are leaving the product in, then obviously it’s going to sink into your skull skin (lol), but if it is just in shampoo or something I don’t know if enough stays on to make a difference (due to the 10-15 minutes it takes). I feel like, why risk it at all, I just steer clear of those things all together. There are other bad ingredients too, but I can’t remember them all. You should be able to find a list of them online somewhere at some hippie site. ^ ^

  2. I’ve not tried the bicarb, I’ve been putting it off, but I know people who say it works, but it takes a while for your hair/scalp to adjust.

    But I do use a vinegar rinse and think it is great. Far better than putting on all that gloopy conditioner that just clogs up the drain in the shower. And much cheaper 🙂

    I use lavender oil a lot, particularly for bites, cuts etc as it is a mild antiseptic – tea tree would be the other alternative. The other natural stuff I use a lot is aloe vera gel directly from the plant (see my cat bites story :D). Well worth getting a plant if you don’t already have some or have some nearby.

  3. Yikes, cat bites sound nasty!

    Great tips! I use tea tree oil as a natural bug spray on my skin. Doesn’t work that well though. I also use it one itchy, painful insect bites, which works much better.:) And as a natural antiseptic for cuts and wounds, it works great for that too.

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