Work In Progress

I always go on about my house and how i tidy up some of the cupboards and stuff, so i thought i’d show you how it looks like, just so you don’t get the idea i’m a hoarder or like really messy or something..

I would say our house is pretty tidy and clean. But i can still see some clutter around and to me it isn’t just about clutter anyways, it is about simplifying my life, but more about that in a later post.

So, that’s our lounge,

Pretty nice, right?!

I love our lounge, but for some reason we always hang out in the kitchen, which looks like this,


I like the kitchen too. LOVE the cupboards. We cleared out a lot of space, so they are at least half empty now.

One of the shelves,

Could you live with less? I don't think i want to live with much less.

The pantry is an ongoing project. I hate using top shelves, coz i can’t reach them, so i try not to use them. This one is empty..

Our pantry, i'm aiming for more organic, unprocessed food..

Food is still a massive project. Every weekend we go to the organic shop and the Farmer’s Market. Logistically that is quite an effort as they are quite far away.

I also want to get rid off all plastics in the kitchen. Plastics are gross! I’m going to replace plastic with water bottles, i don’t use plastic containers for food storage, and i’m trying to only use glass containers for work lunches. The ones with the rubber lids are pretty cool and sturdy.

I cut down drastically on my msg, refined sugar and salt intake. I don’t eat anything with msg anymore, but i know they put flavour enhancers in foods under different names and numbers and i haven’t really figured that one out yet, so i can’t say i’m off that shit completely.

Going off most things with processed sugar and salt was easier then i thought. Of curz it gets easier the more you cut out the processed food.

But these crackers are my absolute weekeness.


Unfortunately they got sugar AND salt in them, no msg though, but they are just sooo tasty!!

Now here is a little tidbit about me. According to some people i’m quite sensitive to smells. People eating or cooking certain foods, makes me nearly vomit sometimes. You know people smelling of garlic, OMG, so gross!! I love the taste, but i can’t cope with the smell!

And you know when you eat chips your fingers smell even hours after, even after you washed them like three times. I HATE THAT!! So normally what i do is, put the crackers in a bowl and eat them with a spoon. Or if they are chips, i eat them with chopsticks. Yeah, this is how i roll!

Ok, back to the subject, i want to reduce all my personal items, items like markers, drawings, photo negatives and my upholstery tools so everything fits in this cupboard.

Good size, what you think?!

I have always been quite practical and i normally just get items that serve a practical purpose, i hate knick knacks. I’m also quite creative and like to make things so, yeah, as i said the items in the cupboard are gonna be all artsy, crafty stuff. I got some items that i just find cute or pretty, but not that many.

Have you got any suggestions for minimizing your stuff? Are you minimizing and struggling with something, a certain area or something? What is your most important reason to reduce stuff?


6 responses to “Work In Progress

  1. Your home looks good! My home is very minimalist because clutter just does my head in. I just can’t focus on anything if I have crap everywhere. And the less knick-knacks around the house means less dusting. Bonus! I was once a hoarder and LOVED stuff all over the place but then I decided to one day to minimize. It can be difficult at first but once I started living with less stuff around I found it to be very liberating. I feel calmer these days 🙂

    • That’s great! It makes a huge difference doesn’t it? I had a look at pics of my flat from 10 years ago. I used to be so messy, i didn’t even have a lot of stuff, but i used to always pull it out onto the floor. Like wth?

      I wanna see pics of your house now!!

  2. Where do you keep books?

  3. You add a few kids to the mix and then see how your minimalist, tidy approach works. I agree though, we all have too much “stuff” and hold onto things for sentimental or other reasons. You would cringe at my craft room –

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