Not Everything That Is Organic Is Good For You -Produce

I mentioned before that, at the moment, we’re going to the wholefoods shop and the farmer’s market once a week. Compared to other cities in Europe and North America, Melbourne is seriously lacking in organic shops. I’m not quite sure why, if it’s lack of demand or something? We only just started to go to the farmer’s market’s a couple of weeks ago, I find it a bit confusing to keep up with their schedule as they are every weekend at a different location.

I don’t like to buy anything from the regular supermarket anymore, but we still go there every two days to get some fresh fruit. I don’t really like produce from the regular supermarket or green grocers, stuff looks and tastes like plastic, is packaged in plastic, sprayed with all sorts of chemicals and is so modified, you almost don’t recognize it anymore. For example, I used to LOVE tomatoes, but after eating them for a couple of years from the supermarket, I just find them plain gross and hate eating them. Except for cherry tomatoes, which still have a bit of taste left.

Obviously produce from the farmer’s market is better, so I’m trying to go there now regularly, I also find it far more inspiring to cook with the vegetables they have available there, then the plastic crap from the supermarket.

Anyways, I just wanted to show you why I don’t buy my vegetables at some of the organic shops in Melbourne. I took a couple of pictures of the produce I see there every week and I think it just speaks for itself.

Gross Tomatoes

This isn’t an exception, every time we go there it looks like this.

Yummy Nectarines

Obviously some of these products are reduced, but I think they shouldn’t be sold at all.

I assume those are grapes?

I ‘m wondering if I should send some of these pics to the health authorities. I mean that shit is rotten and super mouldy, you know what mould does to your body?

When you have a piece of mouldy fruit or food in general, you are supposed to throw it, coz the mould spores will be all the way through it, even if you can’t see them. Have you ever tried some food, that tasted mouldy but had no visible mould on it? Well that means it’s mouldy, but you can’t see it yet.

Also, the mould spores go all over the other produce and might even contaminate packaged products in the store. IT’S A HEALTH HAZARD!!

It’s fucking disgusting!

Anyone want some nice fruit for dinner?

This is supposed to be a “health food shop” with “ethical trading practices”, in my opinion it is neither. Selling rotten food to people for profit is disgraceful!

And I didn’t even get a picture of the rotten black bananas they were offering for free at the counter. They were already seeping rotten fruit juice!!

Sometimes they have little signs on the rotten fruit, it’s like they are taking the piss, that say something sarcastic like “Great for juicing” or “Perfect for cooking”, I think a bunch of rotten tomatoes is anything but great for cooking. It’s great for throwing in the bin!

Coz I didn’t get my veggies from the Farmer’s Market this weekend and I don’t wanna buy them anywhere else, I decided to just eat fresh fruit for the week. It’s better anyways, because it’s raw.

Today I made myself a melon salad with rock, honeydew and water melon. And it was sooo good! I don’t wanna show you a picture of my nice salad after that horrible disgusting fruit slime straight away, so here is a picture of some tree socks.

So colourful and fluffy!

We saw them in the city yesterday. Pretty cool right, seems to be the craze in and around Melbourne as I have seen quite a couple of them lately.

And here is my fruit salad. It was very juicy and absolutely delicious.


Where do you get your fruit and veggies from? What do you think of certain wholefood shop trading practices? Have you had any similar experiences?


7 responses to “Not Everything That Is Organic Is Good For You -Produce

  1. Mmmm nice it is organic mould growing on the fruit anyways I think the only way is grow your own veg or some of it

  2. I wouldn’t want to eat truly rotten fruit, but you can cook away some mold (hence the sign) and in other cases sometimes you can just cut the mold off — it’s not always so dangerous that the fruit or vegetable has to be thrown out. Lower down on the chart at the link below shows what fruits and veggies can just have the mold cut off as long as they’re not soft (and this is the U.S. government, they’re erring on the side of caution; I routinely cut mold off tomatoes and I’m alive to tell about it đŸ˜‰ ):

    (We wouldn’t have some of the best cheeses made if we didn’t ever eat mold!)

  3. Yuck gross! They shouldn’t sell ANY mouldy produce! And the mould on certain cheeses is a totally different kind. You wouldn’t leave a cheddar out in the sun for a couple of weeks let it get mouldy and then it eat. It’s disgusting!

  4. All I know is I’m sick of eating maggots. Over the past 6 months I ate two sacks of maggots from buying dried fruit at the health store (two different health stores in two different countries). So I’m basically never buying dried fruit ever again.

    I don’t need perfect Disney produce. I know that kind of produce is injected with all kinds of poisons and/or is GMO. So I like when I buy fruit and veggies that look more earthy and odd. But I agree about mold, that’s an insult to customers to be trying to sell that stuff. They should just put it on a “free” tray outside and be like, “eat at your own risk” or chuck it. it’s dangerous to eat mold that is on fruit is what I heard.

    I once was buying expensive organic tomatoes at this health store and when the guy was weighing them he dropped one and it split — the skin of the tomato was all split open and the fruit was bruised — and he put it back on the scale to weigh it! I said “Uh…No, I’m not paying for that!” Some people!!

    • Wtf, how can he put it back on the scale? And how did you eat maggots??! Were they literally in the dried fruit?? o_O I like the odd and earthy fruits better too, that’s why i much prefer the farmer’s market over the regular supermarket.

  5. I know, right!? About the douche putting the damaged tomato back.

    As for the maggots … when I am hungry I just stuff my pie hole without much thought. So basically I bought the bags of dried fruit and commenced to stuff said pie hole without actually looking at what I was putting in there. Only when I got down to the bottom of the bag and there were only a couple slices left, did I notice maggots crawling all over them.


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