Breaking The Routine

Sometimes every day feels like groundhog day or groundhog week, or month..

love the movie

Getting up, having a shower, going to work, making food, shopping for groceries, cleaning, putting out the trash, commute, maybe reading, watching some stupid show and spending time on facebook.

Every day, basically the same.

If you have to work full-time for example a lot of your life will be centered around that.
Now, I quite like having a routine that works. It makes things easy and I can operate on autopilot. But that’s obviously not always a good thing.

Sometimes, I almost can’t keep the days apart (and it get’s a bit automatic).
Breaking up the routine, even in small simple steps, can be quite liberating and exciting .

So I decided I would do something different today. I made a bread, then I went to the shop and bought some melons, had a melon salad and then I did some painting while I was sitting under the umbrella on the patio to enjoy the sunny weather. It was AWESOME!!

My utensils and the painting i mentioned in this post.

Here are some things you can do to break up the routine.

•Eat something completely different for breakfast(How about last nights dinner or chips or some cake? If that’s what you normally eat, how about a fruit salad?)

•drive a different way to work

•make a play date with yourself were you do something silly or just anything you want(nothing too serious, have a break from that adult stuff)

•cook with your family and friends

•go to bed REALLY early, like two or four hours before your usual bedtime, I tried it, it’s awesome!

second stage

•go camping(forget about the cleaning and the grocery shopping for a weekend)

•this is a bit hardcore, but if you go camping try to eat only food you can find in the forest(at least for one meal)

•walk to the shops

•call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while or send them a postcard

•wear some of your clothes you haven’t worn in a while

•eat or cook something you haven’t tried before

•shop at a different supermarket

•put on a candle when you’re having your meals

•move some furniture around

third stage

It’s about the little things and some big ones if you want to of course. But little things are good, coz they aren’t  so scary and ambitious and you can do them right NOW.

How are you going to break up the routine right now? What are your favourite ways of doing it? You got anything to add to the list?


One response to “Breaking The Routine

  1. For me how i would break up my routine
    Turn of the alarm clock and wake up when my body wants to, this would be during the week. Do a 8 hour day at work 🙂 and try new recipes.

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