Camping Impressions

Now how stupid is that?

It's the "Stupid Van". No offense, but what kind of a structure is this?!

This structure was actually standing under a roof as well. So you have like a caravan, that is permanently attached to a hut, and the whole structure is standing under an extra roof. Why not build just a cabin then!? Weird shit. I’ve seen a couple of those, they were painted in some really old school 70‘s colours, looking like the have been there for a while. I mean what’s the point? What’s the point of having a trailer if you can’t move it?

So pretty, right?! Love the texture and colours.

The obligatory goosebumps. I think you always get them when you are camping. At some point.

Brrr.. chilly..

We camped in a volcanic crater. Which is pretty cool.
Can’t see it, but here is the road that goes partially around it.

I love the contrast between the straw blonde grasses and the saturated green of the trees

Crazy Australian bark.

Shedding like crazy, what's up with that?! Are you a snake or a tree??

Our neighbours were a mini geologist, who proudly showed us all the rocks she’d collected, and her dad. I heard her father say in the morning, “You gonna get the hammer and break those rocks up?” Now that’s what I call positive parenting!
Other things that are nice about camping, setting up your tent right next to or in the woods, you got a great view from the tent, people are usually quiet, you can go for great nature walks first thing in the morning, sharing a fire with your neighbours, meeting new people.
Where do you love to go for a day or weekend trip? What do you love about it the most?

One response to “Camping Impressions

  1. Last time I went camping we got a hole in the air mattress and I fell pregnant (those two things may or may not be linked) so now I stay in motels….haha oh and I am addicted to flushing toilets…true story…haha!

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