Curing Phobias With Hypnosis

Spiders, they give me panic attacks. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like living in Australia. That’s no joke! They do have some big spiders here and I keep checking my surroundings, like my clothes before I put them on and other things, for them constantly.

I’m like the woman in the first video. If I’d see a big(ish) spider close up, I’ll have a panic attack and might start crying, but definitely hyperventilating.

When I see the spider in this clip it makes me want to throw up.

Hypnosis is really interesting, I’m still not quite sure how it works, but it does seem to work, so I would really love to try it myself. Sometimes I wonder if it would work on me, also I don’t quite like the idea of being hypnotized. It makes you quite vulnerable and out of control, like putting your life into someone elses hands. You know, maybe the doctor screws with your head and manipulates you in a bad way.

One day I’ll find a great hypnotist and do what the women in the clips are doing.
Yeah, so, hypnosis is pretty amazing! There seem to be a couple of different kinds and techniques around so there is not one right way, but several ways that work.

Do you have phobias, if yes, of what? Have you tried hypnosis? Do you wanna try it?


5 responses to “Curing Phobias With Hypnosis

  1. These are probably fakes. Hypnosis doesn’t work this way. You are never out of control or in someone else’s control.

  2. I have a phobia of roaches. The giant flying kind. But I’d probably eat one if I would get a good prize or something. Like I’d totally eat one for lots of cash.

  3. oh at omnia i would suggest try this video first if it works for you. just message me after. i totally believe that all your phobia will vanish

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