Burning Out

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed today. Working full-time, blogging, running my own label(which I don’t spend a lot of time on lately), keeping the house organized and clean and changing my life, takes quite a toll on me.

I’m looking forward to getting away from it all and going camping again this weekend, so Awesome!! Back to nature, where it’s quiet and still. Actually, I’m just looking forward to going to bed tonight.

I like to have really productive days were I get lots done and then have lazy days were I do basically Fuck All. Sometimes, like when we went camping the last time, I feel bad when we get back, because there is even more to be done then before I left. I definitely don’t feel bad going away this weekend, as I got lots done lately.  Anyways, I’m tired.. 

I want to simplify, obviously also the things I spend my time on, one of my major reasons for doing this. I’m always stressed and never seem to be able to catch up with things.
But the more I try to change it the more stuff comes up and needs to be done!!

It’s like I’m unearthing all these unfinished projects, getting rid off old clutter, and it feels kind of like I’m going backwards and forwards at the same time, coz I know I’m getting things done, but at the same time it is so much. It does my head in!

I hate the term time management, I don’t know what that is! And I’m not that good at it. It sounds like something you’d do in an office. I need to prioritize, drop something that’s not so important, before I drop just anything. But what?

What are the most important things? What can be dropped? Nothing of curz! Prioritizing?! Tssk.. fuck knows, what that means!

Need to focus on the most important things. I do think my focus is getting better lately, clearing my living and head space.

Ah well, I’ll get a good nights sleep and then I’ll see.. You got any tips on prioritizing? Or any on how to get things done when there doesn’t seem to be enough time for everything??


3 responses to “Burning Out

  1. The first and last thing I know about prioritising, actually it’s the only thing I know is that you need to put yourself first and sometimes that means opting out and nurturing you… have fun camping and recharging on the weekend 🙂

    • Thanks for sweet comment. And for reminding me to put myself first. I keep forgetting that. But what do you get done if you neglect yourself..? So I made some nice food yesterday and was taking it easy. Now I’m on a facebook ban, might make it easier for me, to deal with everything.

      • a fb ban….wow…that’s brave, have fun camping, I’ll be cooking and gardening, being in the garden always helps me feel grounded 🙂

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