Facebook Ban

As I said the other day I’ve got too much on my plate lately. So I thought I’d pull the plug on the one thing that I don’t really need to do and that is spending time on facebook. I decided to do a week off facebook, cold turkey. That’s gonna be fun!

Gotta get some email addresses, so I can still message people and I’ll keep myself logged into my two facebook pages, but won’t go onto my personal profile. So yeah, very curious how that’s gonna be like, I’m actually looking forward to it! Even if I’m quite an addict, but nevermind.. that’s all going to change now.

I have tried quitting being a facebook junkie before, putting restrictions on the time I spend on it, reading links and status updates, but it never works. I’s too easy to trick myself into thinking, “Just another 5 minutes../OMG, I really need to read/watch that!!”. It works for a couple of days, but not in the long run.

I read this blog post, guy killing his internet, which seems extreme, but then, you can be as minimalist as you want to be. Pretty interesting. Some people even get rid off their mobile phones.. But yeah, I don’t have internet on mine, it’s well ancient.

I’ll keep you updated on how I go. Maybe I’m gonna go all crazy tomorrow and have anxiety attacks and wont know what to do.. getting all shaky and shit? Nah, it won’t be that bad..

What is a difficult thing for you to give up? Have you got unhealthy internet habits? How do you handle them?


4 responses to “Facebook Ban

  1. Go Fran!! I check in on FB way too often too – like we are really going to miss something. We are our worst enemy when it comes to time management

  2. So true! Crazy how it can get so addictive, right?! To me anyways..

  3. I’m the worst for always having fb open on a tab and checking when that little (1) appears…I check it on my phone a few times a day too…man that makes me sound totally addicted, maybe I am. I know one thing I am really addicted to is pinterest (what a gorgeous timewaster that site is!!!) So I have resisted altogether downloading the pinterest app on my phone, because I know that’d be the end of me! Not sure I could do a fb ban tho…maybe for one day!

    • OMG, I’ve heard about how addictive Pinterest is! That’s obviously a big no for me. Sometimes I check someones pin, but then I fuck right off again, I’m scared! Or should I say I’m ‘scarred’ from being a facebook addict. I find it quite frightening actually and yeah, I know the problem of when the little (1) appears, I can’t help checking either. Anyways, first day went alright.:)

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