Beach Picnics

This is our fridge, pretty healthy right?!


For our beach picnic last night I made the kale chips I was talking about in this post. They were nice, but I heat blasted the fuck out of them. Next time, less heat. I stuck to the recipe, but used aluminium foil instead of baking paper, that might have sped up the process a bit. I’d rather have them take longer at a lower heat.


Also I used extra salt, as it said in the recipe and coz I like it. Well, they ended up being REALLY salty. But I would definitely recommend making kale chips! I wanna try kale in a green smoothie sometime. I sauteed it last time and it wasn’t very nice, very chewy.

The sky was just stunning!

We were really busy at the weekend, doing food shopping all over the city and several other crazy things and didn’t have a lot of down time and time with each other, so I thought to go to the beach for a dinner picnic would be nice. And it was!

Love Beach Picnics!

Lucky we live relatively close to the beach, it’s like a 20 minute car ride from our house.

So dramatic

What do you do to treat yourself after a hard days work? How do you like to unwind?


3 responses to “Beach Picnics

  1. I didn’t use any foil (don’t like it, environmental issue about processing bauxite), or parchment, and they worked out fine. I cook virtually everything on the same setting in my oven 😀 I think it’s either 180 or 200, fan assisted.

    Beautiful beach photos, glad you had a lovely picnic, what a great idea 🙂

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