Reflections On Two Months Of Blogging

Ok, today I’m completely burned out! Who would have thought minimalizing would be so exhausting!! I already wrote a bit about how exhausting transition can be in another post before.

Just looking through this post, I wrote after one month of blogging, not a lot has changed. It’s just constant progress, when you start eating better, you just have to keep doing it, when you start de-cluttering, you just gotta keep doing it, when you stop spending money on crap.. well, you get the picture. So, there hasn’t been much new stuff happening. With the de-cluttering, we are pretty much down to the essentials, just need to sell our furniture when we are moving. Except for my studio, which looks like a bomb went off.

The more parts of your life you’re tackling the more stressful it can be.

In the long run I’m trying to have more time and be more relaxed, but that’s still quite a way off. But I got a new goal, to stop working day jobs this year. This is basically my goal every year, but I feel like I can actually do it this year, being more focused and letting go off expectations of perfectionism.

This weekend we wanted to go camping and I love camping, but what I really want is, to just stay in bed the whole day, eat and read and watch silly or interesting videos. So, we might going to do that!

It’s weird, as I said, the more you are trying to change things, the more is on your plate and the more stressful things can become. And sometimes you don’t know if you are really making progress in de-stressing your life when it just seems to be getting worse. But I really do believe we are making progress and it will pay off in the near future. Once we moved to Germany we are going to take a break and go for a little roadtrip. We did that the last time we went there and LOVED it!!

So there is definitely a treat to be looking forward to. Maybe that’s what we need sometimes, a treat that is waiting for us at the finishing line?! Sometimes it helps.

Sometimes flowers look black and white

If you are trying to change significant parts of your life, and I’m speaking partially to myself here, take care of yourself. Have little treats on the way through, keep it fun and get lots of rest!

That’s what I’m gonna do tomorrow, eat… go to the post office, some more and eat. And probably do some sewing..

Do you have any tips on how to survive stress and transitions in your life?


3 responses to “Reflections On Two Months Of Blogging

  1. I did exactly this this morning. I find if I don’t take at least one morning a week off to luxuriate in the art of sleeping in, reading a book or watching an easy movie, I burn out and get very stressed. One morning a week is about right for me and I’m pretty careful about making sure I schedule it in.

    My tip would be, find what works for you (ie. how much time, what you do with that time, when to take it etc) and then do it consistently.

  2. You said we weren’t allowed treats!! You meant bought treats. And don’t think you’re going to get me to answer another Q today either 😀 Some change is stressful, some isn’t. If you are in charge of the changes it should work out ok.

  3. I slept in this morning and am now feeling stressed I haven’t done my meditation and exercise, which are meant to destress me. Perhaps I need to learn the lesson of not being so hard on myself! And treat myself to some chocolate hehe.
    PS. I’ve been meaning to write to say how exciting it is you are moving back to Germany! Is there anywhere nice over there I can put my yurt? xo

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