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Why The Fuck Would You Eat Worms?!

So I haven’t updated my blog lately, I’M A BIT STRESSED right now… Seriously, moving overseas is crazy, for me anyways. I’ve got my day job and my label and packing and organizing to worry about. And accomodations and insurances.. it just never ENDS!!!

But I’m getting on top of it now, obviously my blog has suffered quite a bit.. Not good.

Here is a clip of a fucking crazy diet. Eating Tapeworms!! What lengths women go through to fit into the disgusting beauty ideal is just sad. And even more outragous is the lengths people, mostly men doctors, go through to make some fucking money of the insecurities of their fellow humans. Gross!!

Anyways, here is a clip, if you’re up for some semi-trashy interesting piece of entertainment, Watch it!

Enjoy your weekend!x

Green Smoothies

So I wrote about blender foods the other day and I just wanted to share some recipe ideas I tried since then.

One day I was in a real hurry and had about 2 minutes before I needed to run out of the door to get to work, so I whizzed up this quick smoothie.

1 banana
1 passion fruit
some rice milk

Very easy and very tasty! I forgot to mention liquids in my other post, so yeah, put in some water or some rice milk or make almond milk yourself or just put in some freshly squeezed juices, I like grapefruit, for example.

Today I made another green smoothie for breakfast. It turned out kind of green, purple-ish and I thought it was really pretty.

This is what I put in


and this is how pretty it looked like.

love the colour

I had to actually thin mine down with more rice milk, coz it was really thick. Tasted delicious!

Here is a clip of some more green smoothie tips and ideas one of my friends posted in the comments(Thanks Damian:).

And here is a different take on the green smoothie, a savoury version. I’m not sure, is that healthier, some people seem to think, the more greens the better?

Next time I’m gonna try making my own almond milk and throw some nuts and raw cocoa beans into the mix!

Have you tried any green smoothies yet? Got any more ideas?

Blender Food

In some previous posts I’ve been going on about how we don’t have a blender..

And now we’ve got one! 2 weeks before we move out, awesome!!

Anyways, I’m trying to quickly remember all the things I wanted to make.. wtf?! So, first I’m gonna make some green smoothies, with bananas and pears maybe and spinach, dandelions and plantain, if I can find some. Dunno about fruits, I like passionfruit, maybe a kiwi or two and I like grapefruit too.

Or I’ll just make some fruit smoothies, would be nice with quinoa or amaranth or something for a breakfast shake. Or sprouts would be nice too, you could sprout beans or quinoa yourself. Or heaps of other things. So healthy, juicy and delicious!

I’m also thinking about blending up some veggies, maybe mushrooms or chickpeas or grains and stuff for some homemade veggie burger. Or nuts, for nut burgers.

That’s all I can come up with at the moment, if you have any more recipe ideas that need a blender let me know!

More Delicious Bread

I’ve gotten off the bread baking a bit lately. Sometimes the bread turns out brittle and I don’t really like the taste of yeasty bread so much anyways.

I normally used to use dry yeast for my breads and store the yeast in the freezer. Not sure how long it lasts, one of the bags made a very vague mention about it, something like ‘use in 3 days, lasts longer in fridge or freezer’. Yeah, great. So I stored the yeast in the freezer and after about 4 weeks it didn’t rise anymore. Then I bought more dry yeast in a tub. All sealed and everything, first time I put it in water and waited for it to bubble up it wouldn’t come up and I threw it away. As  I said, I was quite over bread making anyways, but we still had so much flower left. Rye, white and wholemeal, don’t just wanna waste it.

So I asked my boyfriend if he’d make this flat bread recipe he found on the net a while ago. And he said he would. Back in the day when I was hanging out at hippie camps during the summer we used to make flat breads directly on some rocks by the fire.
That was so much fun!! And they tasted so nice!

So he made this bread, it’s called Bannock and it was just sooo delicious, warm and tasty. You hardly needed to eat it with anything, that’s how good it was.

Obviously fresh is best, warm, straight out of the pan, but I warmed some up the next morning and it was still really nice. So, when you make it, I’d suggest, considering the quick preparation time, make it fresh. If you cook or prepare some other food on the side it hardly takes any time.

I should mention that I find supermarket flat breads disgusting, they taste like nothing and cardboard. Also they keep forever, coz often they are full of disgusting preservatives.

Here is the recipe for the Bannock if you wanna try it. Let me know how you like it!

Bannock Recipe


• 4 cups flour
• 4 teaspoons baking powder
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 4 tablespoons oil


1.  Mix ingredients and add water until you have a doughy consistency. Knead approximately 10 minutes.
2.  You can add cinnamon/brown sugar to make it taste a bit differently.
3.  Grease and heat a frying pan. Form the dough into cakes (sort of like tortillas or pancakes) about 1/2
inch thick and dust lightly with flour.
4.  Lay the bannock in the frying pan.
5.  Wiggle the pan every so often to keep the bannock from sticking.
6.  Once a bottom crust has formed and the dough has hardened enough to hold together, turn them.
7.  Cooking takes 12-15 minutes.

Eat Your Weeds

I’m looking forward to doing some foraging in Germany.

Here is a classic foraging plant, dandelions! I used to pick them to feed them to my guinea pigs, personally I find them too bitter. I will try them in a green smoothie though, once I get a blender. Hopefully the smoothies turn out nice, because I’ve got high hopes. I will mix them with a lot of fruits in the beginning, bananas and pears and put spinach in and dandelion or whatever, kale maybe and then ease into putting more greens in. But a 50/50 mix of fruits and greens can’t be too bad?! Haven’t checked out any green smoothie recipes yet, but that can’t be too hard. Just freestyle it!

looks like a great youtube channel, definitely gonna check out more of his videos

I really like drinking dandelion/chicory coffe substitute. It’s very common in Germany, it’s called Malt Coffee and kids drink it. Definitely better than that sugar filled Milo crap or whatever else kids drink..
Anyways, I love it, we have it with rice milk. I wanna make it myself sometime, collect dandelion roots and roast them. Sounds kinda exciting!

Here are some more weeds. Eat them! Just watch out that crazy people haven’t sprayed this shit!

And here is a cool link to an article called ‘the fantastic four – 4 essential wild edible plants that may just save your life

Ok, maybe quite a dramatic header, but it’s always good to know what’s available out there, not just for emergency situations. And free stuff?! Always great!!

So yeah, watch these videos and eat your damn weeds!!

Burn Your Shit

I don’t know where I heard about incinerator toilets before, but I thought about them today and thought I’d check them out.

First post I found on the net was on this blog.

Here is a little excerpt,

“The gateway to Hades opens up and everything within a couple inches is sucked into its gaping maw. The toilet then incinerates your thoughtful gifts at a very high temperature. I’m guessing somewhere around 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit or the surface temperature of the sun, whichever is hotter. The manual says 1,200 degrees F. For those of you recipe freaks, that’s 1,200 degrees for one hour, then cooled to 130 degrees over the next 45 minutes.”


I’m looking into off-the grid options for human waste disposal. I looked into composting toilets and composting shit before. But I like the more elegant solution of grey/black water wetland systems much better. Now, if you don’t live on your own land or in the woods, the thought of walking around with a bucket full of shit and thinking about where to dispose of it, gives me kind of a headache.

But there is another option, incinerator toilets. I just had a quick look at them and they seem pretty cool. Clean and handy, you only have a little bit of ash to deal with, less smell and disgustingness then with other sustainable toilet options. The drawbacks are that you have to buy and burn paper liners, that it uses electricity and that it may create some slight air pollution.. to me, the positives seem to outweigh the negatives here. As a on-the-go solution that is. Still love the wetlands idea best I think.

And with under $2000US I think those toilets are pretty affordable.

This is how it works.

And here is a nice instructional video.

Have you heard of incinerator toilets before? What sustainable solution for toilets do you prefer?


Lulu And The Loveable Loo

Another great example from the category ‘trippy videos about living healthier, more sustainable lives’. My favourite category at the moment!

Funny kid in the video. Kinda cute. But I don’t understand the box toilet. I mean it’s just a bucket in a box. Give me 3 hours and a boring afternoon and I’ll make you one with enough time spare to bake a vegan cake. Well, maybe not quite..

Anyways, trippy soundtrack too, make sure it doesn’t get stuck in your head! Also, I couldn’t bear the last 2 minutes, you’ll see why. Other then that, great efford. Good to see people making a difference. And to see small companies that have kinda crazy ideas.

Check out the humanure website. Or get the book or something. I might get it one day, sounds like an interesting read!

Make Your Own Tea For Stress And Wrinkles

I know this guy is doing a bit of a hard sell, but I just find his videos so hilarious and entertaining! And also quite informative. The dude is just so L.A. and he looks like a magician/skateboarder/surf dude, it’s pretty funny.

Video has some interesting info on some very common and some not so commonly known plant stuffs, that you can use for a nutritious tea. Not sure, but I thought raw food people don’t drink tea, might depend?

So yeah, watch it and try the tea! And tell me about other herbal teas and tinctures you like to use for healing.


Snacks Made From Food Waste And Other Food

Here is a thing you can do, collect the pumpkin seeds from when you make a roast or whatever, clean them, dry them and roast them with tamari/soy sauce, sea salt and olive oil. No need to shell them. So Delicious!!
Great way to make food from things that are normally considered food waste. Also a great snack.

I’m sewing my ass off at the moment to send out all my orders before we leave, that’s why I’m neglecting this blog a bit. But that’s gonna change soon.

We are also listing lots of stuff on Ebay.

And are making lists, lists, lists..

Here is a picture of our lunch today, it was really nice. Tofu burger, spinach, potatoes, zucchini and tomatoes. All organic. We often eat our vegetables  raw.

Awesome lunch

We make a nice vegetable roast sometimes, it’s really simple, pumpkin, potato and carrots, maybe even broccoli and zucchini or whatever you wanna put in it, olive oil, salt pepper, maybe turmeric or cayenne pepper, if you like it spicy and 20 min in the oven. I love it! The pumpkin and potatoes go so well together in my opinion! What’s your favourite vegetarian recipe/thing to cook?

Food Matters

Here is a documentary a friend sent me. I’ve watched it before. It’s maybe a bit basic, but it’s probably a good introduction?

Full-length version

Have a great weekend. I’m completely fucked, been sewing all day and all week.