Amalgam And Root Canals

Amalgam fillings are made up of about 50% mercury.

Mercury poisoning has so many symptoms, I can’t even bother listing them all, but here is a list. It can have negative effects on the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, damage your immune system, negatively effect the cardiovascular system and so forth.

Mercury in the body is linked to Alzheimer’s and even unborn children have mercury measured in their brains, if their mothers had mercury fillings done.

In this experiment you can see the Mercury gassing off the teeth. ‘Smoking teeth’, now that’s just disgusting.

And can this be my dentist please?! This video shows how amalgam fillings can be removed safely.
I wan’t to get my last amalgam fillings removed, but removing them safely is so expensive and not many dentists offer it.

I’ve heard about the health risks mercury poses, I mean it’s a pretty obvious one and I heard root canals aren’t good for you either, but I never really properly checked out why.

This is like one of the only videos I didn’t nearly fall asleep to while watching it.

Apparently you can get infections, that can give you heart problems and all sorts of problems from the bacteria trapped in the tooth that causes infections.

And have you heard of coconut oil pulling before? I hadn’t, until I checked for these other oral health videos. I might give that a try.. can’t do any harm!

So, obviously you wanna avoid metals in your mouth or anywhere in your body if you can. But yeah, I still have to look more into that. Some doctors recommend to not even use metal in crowns or even titanium posts for implants. You really gotta do extensive research to know what your getting and the health risks it may involve.


4 responses to “Amalgam And Root Canals

  1. Just. Don’t. Start. Me. On Dentists. And fillings. And drill and fill (a real Aus thing at one point btw).

    Anyway, luckily when you get to my age those ghastly mercury amalgam fillings all start to fall out. Cos they were crap and unnecessary in the first place. As I said, don’t start me.

    Separately, that blog link did look great didn’t it? Thought it might be a good starting point for you moving back if you hadn’t seen it.

  2. Lol, your favourite subject then!;) I see we are on the same wavelength, as I think most, if not all dentists are sadists. I had so many bad ones, I’m completely traumatized. And yes, that includes a few holistic dentists too..

    Thanks for that fantastic blog link. I showed it to my man last night. One of the first things we’re gonna do when we get there!:)

  3. My mother never let any dentists use amalgam fillings in our mouths and insisted on fluoride free fillings. As a kid I thought she was being embarrassing and fussing over nothing, but now I really appreciate the effort she went to to take us to dentists that complied with her wishes!

    • Your mum knows!;) I hate it when dentists polish your teeth and don’t tell you beforehand that they are using flouride paste. I’m using flouride free toothpaste, they totally destroy all the effort I’m making in 5 minutes!

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