Here is an interesting documentary. I’m not quite sure if I’ve watched ‘Earthlings’ already, but I’ve heard a lot of people say how it’s THE documentary that changed their life and that it’s the one documentary that made them turn vegan. Wow, that’s quite something! I will definitely watch it again. This trailer contains some really disturbing footage of animal abuse(so does the movie obviously).

If you have some time at the weekend watch it and tell me what you think! Or if you watched it already tell me what you think too. Or if you have any documentaries that changed your life or are just in general great documentaries post them in the comments. Have a great weekend!!


5 responses to “Earthlings

  1. Hi! If you have watched Earthlings before you will definitely remember it! It is worth a watch, but I think that with better quality hidden cameras available it would be worth redoing it to get it up to date.

    Things are still really bad, but it is worth looking at the situation now, rather than how things were over 7 years ago.

    p.s. I like your tags btw! ‘asshole’ and ‘humans being stupid’ – wonder how often people search for those things!

    • Yeah, I thought it would be a good introduction for some people. Also, even if it’s dated I think it’s still pretty much what’s happening!

      How do you think things have changed? Have you got any info on that or some more up to date documentaries? I’d be curious! Thanks!:)

      p.s. What humans do to animals was and is totally disgusting! What humans do to other humans is too, what the hell is wrong with our species?!

  2. I watched this movie 6 years ago when I was a junior in high school. It turned me vegetarian for one year. Then, I had to revert back to my protein for I love my protein way too much. However, to this day, I do not eat much of poultry nor red meat from my memories of Earthlings. I used to love beef and pork, but my diet has been overtaken by seafood. The only explanation for how I can consume so much seafood opposed to beef and pork despite the fact that seafood was also part of Earthlings is that I didn’t make it to the scenes that covered seafood. I was too nauseous and sick to reach those scenes. Earthlings is a powerful documentary that really opens your eyes to the realities of this world – disgusting. Despite my love for fashion, thanks to the documentary, I am an avid anti-fur advocate. Earthlings was also the motivation for me back in high school to start a Facebook group that gained 50,000+ members within 2 weeks of launching to spread awareness on animal rights. Now, my new endeavor is to connect with nature more, opposing anything that seems “corporation-run.” My first step connecting with nature is to grow my own organic garden.

    • There is heaps of info on the net on how to get protein from a plant based diet. I also mentioned something about it in this post,
      There are lots of vegan/vegetarian athletes out there including marathon runners, olympic athletes and martial art fighters. I reckon if they can do their sports on vegan diets, we “normal” people with our, most likely, not very demading physical routine should be fine on it. I find the “lack of protein” thing always a bit of a cop out. People saying, ‘I care about the animals, BUT I can’t go without my protein/iron..’ It’s ok for people to eat meat, but let’s be honest, they can’t care too much about the animals..

  3. I haven’t seen Earthlings for a while, used to show it at corporate events when I worked for an animal welfare NGO in Asia. It’s not my idea of pleasure viewing! I think it would be fantastic if they could do regional documentaries, Earthlings is very US based, with the ban of battery chicken cages in the EU a targeted doc could cover regional issues. It is so easy for people to think, ‘Oh, that only happens in that country, not here.’

    I don’t have any more up to date docs, other than The Cove, but that only covers the dolphin slaughter and the captive dolphin trade. The technology they used was amazing and it would be fantastic if it could be used in other areas.

    I have been vegetarian for 20 years! I agree with you on the protein cop out! There are plenty of ways to get protein in a veg/vegan diet and there is lots and lots of info on the internet. Maybe MyMove you could try again? Well done on the facebook group by the way!

    I agree, what humans do to other animals and other people is disgusting, especially the reasons they hide behind – higher intelligence, dominant species etc. But don’t forget that there are people who work tirelessly to make changes, there are hundreds of non profits dedicated to helping those who are suffering, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this discussion, and Earthlings would never have been made! Have hope!

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