Humans Are Stupid

Let’s be honest, human beings are fucking stupid. It’s a fact. What human beings do to each other is just extremely disgusting. What we do to animals and our environment, where WE live, is just absolutely appalling.

It’s funny how we deem ourselves intelligent, the most intelligent species on the planet, Yes, even the UNIVERSE!!!
We call ourselves civilized, it’s a fucking joke.

We always think of ourselves as so superior to animals for example, calling people who rape, torture or murder other people “animals”. Saying this sort of behaviour is “inhumane”. No, seriously now, THIS IS HUMANE!! This IS human nature, our nature. I’m not a fucking biologist, but I hardly ever hear about animals raping or senselessly killing each other. I don’t see them destroying their habitat, their homes, the homes of other species, like crazy fucking maniacs! So yeah, we got it the wrong way around. Quite practical, isn’t it?! So we can bask ourselves in our self appointed glory and fucking superiority.

Humans think they are so civilized and advanced, but then the majority of people in the Western world spend nearly every day of the week at a job they hate. Waiting anxiously for the week to be over, so we can continue our “real lives”.

Then we accumulate the most mundane, disgusting, superfluous fucking crap some poor child or some suicidal person in China made for us and are trying to keep up with the latest gadgets that our friends and colleagues have.

We destroy our environment and everything by poisoning the water, the air and our bloodstream. I don’t know how anyone can see the human race and not think we are completely mental and are living in a mass delusion.

But back to the animals. They run around the whole day, sleep, taking care of each other, getting food and build themselves a burrow or whatever it is they do..

They seem pretty healthy. They seem pretty happy. And if we don’t enslave them for some disgusting factory farming procedure they are free to do whatever they please. They don’t collect any stupid possesions they don’t need, they might have a couple of weird things in their cave or nest or whatever, but for us it’s like we trade possessions with almost our whole waking hours.

In a way, animals of one species look very much the same. But then everyone who’s ever had a pet can tell you there are differences in looks and characters and personality in animals. It’s not just those crappy things we adorn ourselves with that make us different. If we would strip ourselves of our possesions and stuff we would look more similiar then we’d think.

We hope that the week will end. We we eat some of the most disgusting crap their is. We throw trash everywhere. Poison ourselves and others and “kill our time” with tv shows and movies that get stupider every year.

It’s not good enough for a species that calls itself civilized, to do all these things. Of course “civilized” is a very vague term, just like “humane”. They have a certain meaning, but they can really mean whatever. “A human” can do all sorts of things, be loving, be kind, be destructive, kill, torture and enjoy flowers in spring. I suppose some people think “humane” is applied to societies, but societies and politics have forever been built on wars, lies, power play and ego tripping.

Another reason why humans are stupid is, we got this beautiful planet, that is mostly perfect for living, we had clean water, the sun, clean rain, plenty of food growing in the soil(definitely have the knowledge for it now), plenty of free space, to move about and build a hut on. And some great technology that can give us free, sustainable energy.

What did we do?! We turned our lives into a template, certain things have to be done and they have to be done a certain way. We sold the land off in little plots at exorbitant prices. Removed ourselves from the food growing process and trusted huge corporations to feed us the best food. Destroyed communities and now feel disconnected. Had plenty of time to play in the sunshine and do whatever we wanted, but no, we exploit each other, animals and the earth. I don’t know if it’s our genes or something, but somewhere along the road we took a hell of a wrong turn.

What I’m saying is, we could have it so easy, but make it so hard for ourselves and each other. We are stupid!


9 responses to “Humans Are Stupid

  1. I think you put it fairly succinctly. Can’t really add to that. Except two words – no three – greed, jealousy, and power. That pretty much explains our sad actions.

    You forgot the question(s) by the way 😉 Seriously though, some great points there. The other one that has always struck me as bizarre, rather like working all week, and waiting for the weekend, is working all year to save enough money to blow it all on two weeks worth of expensive, exotic (and probably environmentally damaging) holiday.

    I did add after all 😀

    • Yeah, no questions this time. I ranted myself into a right fucking frenzy! Sure there is more things to add, I could write ten blog posts about this. This could be, I mean will be, an ongoing project!;)

      Definitely greed is a massive one! I should have mentioned that. I should have mentioned one of my major problems with humanity, that we are so greedy and pathologically selfish and that we seem to have a compassion gene missing. You know, caring about others isn’t a strong point of our species!:P

  2. No other animal shits on its own doorstep. You are quite right in all you say. The answer is permaculture solutions for many (if not all) the worlds problems. Just have to get the bankers to listen!

    • Yeah, permaculture is a part of the solution. And fuck the bankers!

      • At least Stateside the fundamentalist christians are loud about their ‘opinions’ here in the UK it is much more insidious and the media leave the religious nuts alone (unless you happen to be muslim in which case you are likely to be villified even if you don’t deserve it) The old church seems to insinuate itself into the organs of state and wield disproportionate power even as the churches are emptying because the population are voting with their feet. We the people are showing our distaste at the claptrap pedalled by the established churches by non attendance but the allegedly democratic state continues to support and obey the word of the men in funny dresses and hats. The howls of protest when a council was admonished for holding prayers before a meeting was entirely disproportionate. And yet almost nothing is said about the continuing immorality of politicians and bankers. Murdoch and others like him have a lot to answer for.

  3. Yes we are stupid 🙂

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with your post. We are living in a degraded world that we have brought upon ourselves through our own actions. And I also agree that we are more than the ‘stuff’ we have. All living entities are connected by a common thread – the spirit soul. Until we realise we are all part and parcel of something higher and start to change ourselves and our behaviour patterns I’m afraid things are only going to go further downhill.

  5. Small steps, start with your own consuming then try to persuade others, set your example and if no-one follows your lead, bollocks to the lot of them.
    Watch the age of stupid and see our future.

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