Snacks Made From Food Waste And Other Food

Here is a thing you can do, collect the pumpkin seeds from when you make a roast or whatever, clean them, dry them and roast them with tamari/soy sauce, sea salt and olive oil. No need to shell them. So Delicious!!
Great way to make food from things that are normally considered food waste. Also a great snack.

I’m sewing my ass off at the moment to send out all my orders before we leave, that’s why I’m neglecting this blog a bit. But that’s gonna change soon.

We are also listing lots of stuff on Ebay.

And are making lists, lists, lists..

Here is a picture of our lunch today, it was really nice. Tofu burger, spinach, potatoes, zucchini and tomatoes. All organic. We often eat our vegetables  raw.

Awesome lunch

We make a nice vegetable roast sometimes, it’s really simple, pumpkin, potato and carrots, maybe even broccoli and zucchini or whatever you wanna put in it, olive oil, salt pepper, maybe turmeric or cayenne pepper, if you like it spicy and 20 min in the oven. I love it! The pumpkin and potatoes go so well together in my opinion! What’s your favourite vegetarian recipe/thing to cook?

9 responses to “Snacks Made From Food Waste And Other Food

  1. Do you think the same would work with butternut squash seeds? Will have to try it, sounds lovely

  2. Looks good. Did you make the burgers or buy them? I haven’t done a roast for ages, I do like nut ones though.

    Pumpkin seed tip is a good one. Not that I eat pumpkins, but I do eat marrow – thing is, I eat the seeds as well anyway 😀

    • No, I bought those. I normally still buy burgers, can’t be bothered making my own.:P How do you make nut roasts? And is a marrow like a zucchini?

      • Marrow is like big zucchini/courgette. When I can buy organic I eat everything 🙂

        Nut roast, hmm, must be onions and garlic stuffs, add ground nuts, prob flour, then stock – maybe use soya flour to bind in absence of egg, and put in loaf tin. Will look up some nut recipes — but they are obviously baked and not raw so not sure they will suit you?

      • Interesting. Sounds like you’d use a lot of nuts? I’m not raw (yet:), just try to eat raw as much as possible.

      • No. You need very few nuts when you are cooking with them. I think I used to use a couple of ounces of hazlenuts for any main dish. Next time I do a nut dish I’ll post something up, just haven’t felt like it for a while. The other one I have used recently is ground almonds in Indian dishes.

  3. Looks great! I love roast beetroot when I roast veggies-delish!

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