Make Your Own Tea For Stress And Wrinkles

I know this guy is doing a bit of a hard sell, but I just find his videos so hilarious and entertaining! And also quite informative. The dude is just so L.A. and he looks like a magician/skateboarder/surf dude, it’s pretty funny.

Video has some interesting info on some very common and some not so commonly known plant stuffs, that you can use for a nutritious tea. Not sure, but I thought raw food people don’t drink tea, might depend?

So yeah, watch it and try the tea! And tell me about other herbal teas and tinctures you like to use for healing.



2 responses to “Make Your Own Tea For Stress And Wrinkles

  1. hey, that was pretty informative despite how LA that guy was. Do you think any Pine needles are okay? We have a Pine tree round the corner but the lower branches are still too high for me. You can also get the Pine Nuts out of the pine cones to eat.

    • No, I actually like that he is so L.A. and looks like a magician, it’s entertaining. Not sure about ANY pine needles. I’m not even sure how pine needles look like!:P If you have a real pine tree around the corner eat it up!

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