Blender Food

In some previous posts I’ve been going on about how we don’t have a blender..

And now we’ve got one! 2 weeks before we move out, awesome!!

Anyways, I’m trying to quickly remember all the things I wanted to make.. wtf?! So, first I’m gonna make some green smoothies, with bananas and pears maybe and spinach, dandelions and plantain, if I can find some. Dunno about fruits, I like passionfruit, maybe a kiwi or two and I like grapefruit too.

Or I’ll just make some fruit smoothies, would be nice with quinoa or amaranth or something for a breakfast shake. Or sprouts would be nice too, you could sprout beans or quinoa yourself. Or heaps of other things. So healthy, juicy and delicious!

I’m also thinking about blending up some veggies, maybe mushrooms or chickpeas or grains and stuff for some homemade veggie burger. Or nuts, for nut burgers.

That’s all I can come up with at the moment, if you have any more recipe ideas that need a blender let me know!


4 responses to “Blender Food

  1. I watch this you tube clip about a week ago i hope this will help you with making a good green smoothly. I have not tried a green smoothly yet, but i do a fruit smoothly for the kids every weekend i may need to try it out a green one this weekend

  2. The BIG question is: what blender did you get?! We are in the market for a new one (as the motor of our cheap-ass one is about dead) and would love rec’s!

    • Just a cheap one we got for free second hand, as we are moving out tomorrow.:) If you’re into some serious blending, people recommend Blendtec and Vitamix, they are about 400$ tho. Not necessary to start off tho in my opinion, if you just wanna give green smoothies a try.

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