Why The Fuck Would You Eat Worms?!

So I haven’t updated my blog lately, I’M A BIT STRESSED right now… Seriously, moving overseas is crazy, for me anyways. I’ve got my day job and my label and packing and organizing to worry about. And accomodations and insurances.. it just never ENDS!!!

But I’m getting on top of it now, obviously my blog has suffered quite a bit.. Not good.

Here is a clip of a fucking crazy diet. Eating Tapeworms!! What lengths women go through to fit into the disgusting beauty ideal is just sad. And even more outragous is the lengths people, mostly men doctors, go through to make some fucking money of the insecurities of their fellow humans. Gross!!

Anyways, here is a clip, if you’re up for some semi-trashy interesting piece of entertainment, Watch it!

Enjoy your weekend!x

2 responses to “Why The Fuck Would You Eat Worms?!

  1. good to see you back and hope you are feeling ok and positive about the move and all the shit that is involved with flitting half a world away. but I don’t think I’ll be watching about eating tapeworms somehow….. although maybe I will!!

    • Lol, yeah.. why not, right?!;) Nice to see you back too. I’m feeling ok, Thanks. Just stressed.. but I’m also developing a nice ‘I just don’t give a shit’ attitude right now. Which is helpful!;)

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