Paradise Or Oblivion

Here is a documentary about the Venus Project. To me, the Venus Project on the one hand sounds kind of utopian and really interesting, on the other hand it sounds like a cult sect, like Scientology or something. I’m always interested when people have ideas or actual plans for making the world a better place instead of just ranting and complaining about politicians. I mean seriously?! I like a good rant, but people need to come up with something practical sometimes. So yeah, because it sounds a bit dodgy to me, I tried to find out more information about. I like some of the ideas, like getting rid off money. Not sure if that is necessary, but it’s one way.

And I also like the science approach. Science in harmony with nature. I don’t believe that we have to live without electricity and in caves to protect nature. What we do with our science and technology at the moment is just really unsophisticated and destructive. Really, it’s just fucking dumb and disgusting.

On the other hand, as I said, the project is a bit like a cult. I met one of the clowns that are really into it at Occupy Melbourne. Hole Fucking Christ!! What a  freaking weirdo!! He had his little group of followers with him, a girl who just fucking repeated everything he said and a guy who didn’t say anything at all. Which was probably better too! The “leader” was chewing our fucking ears off, with how he had these” visions” and talked all sorts of shit, not letting us really say anything in return. I was just “Holy Mother, can my partner stop talking to this asshole so he might fuck off?!”. Basically he was on the lookout  for some more disciples, some more people to recruit. So yeah, total fucking turnoff.

If you want, check out that documentary or their website and make up your own mind. Or maybe you’ve heard about them and made up your mind already. Either way let me know what you think.

Happy Easter and enjoy your long weekend off!!

Btw, we are going camping for a week and then we are moving overseas, so I won’t be blogging for a while(that’s also why I’ve been a bit behind with my blog posts lately). I’m sure I will blog myself into a right fucking fit once I get back to Germany. So I’ll hope you’ll miss me while I’m gone and are looking forward to more blog posts very soon!!x


2 responses to “Paradise Or Oblivion

  1. If you don’t get to blog before you arrive in Germany, buen viaje and wishing you both the best in your new life in Europe. It’s not too bad here 😉 although it is raining today!

  2. Anyone can claim to be part of the Venus Project or the Zeitgeist Movement, but they may not have a clue as to what it really is, or what it really proposes. The ideas are new, not just rehashed old Utopian crap, and certainly not ‘Utopian’… Do we live in a ‘Utopia’? No? well… duh! Yet to a 14th century serf we would most certainly be living in a ‘Utopia’ and they would not believe it either. lol.

    None of what the Venus Project is proposing is Utopian or yet to be invented… it can all be accomplished right now. The technology to do it exists and is proven. All it takes is enough people wanting to do it, but frankly, cynicism is the biggest product of our slave society. Not surprising, that.

    When things get a bit more ‘exciting’ on the global warming and political insanity levels, then the ideas will seem less ‘Utopian’ and more ‘practical’ all the time. Unless people want their children to die horrible deaths from starvation and economic and political insanity in the middle of what should be an adaptation to extreme global weather. I am an optimist, and i think we will realize that ‘adapt or die’ is the real law of nature and this is about the only rational way to adapt.

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