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I wanted to do glass cutting for a long time! You know, recycle bottles into drinking glasses and what ever else you can make from them, vases or bowls..

So, I came across different methods, for example tying a piece of string around the bottle and setting it alight with lighter fluid. Like, really?!

cutting glass bottles

Cutting the glass with a special bottle cutting tool.

Then I’ve found this video, which seemed to use a pretty reasonable method.

And then, by coincidence, I also found this glass bottle cutting workshop, which was hosted by Sekundär-Schick, in which we basically used the method described in the video.

cutting glass bottles

Breaking the glass with hot and cold water.

It was a free workshop, you could give a donation for materials. I love free workshops!!
I love it when people give away knowledge for free and everyone(who can) throws in some money to set it up!

cut bottle


Our host, Sigrid, was really nice and patient and even prepared a soup for us beforehand.
Sekundär-Schick, is like an office for recycling projects. They do upcycling workshops with old clothes and stuff. Here are more pics of the workshop.

sanding bottles

Sanding, not one of my favourite things to do.

Anyways, if you wanna do some glass cutting a few words of caution:

WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR! While you’re cutting, breaking and sanding the glass. I had little glass projectiles coming off the bottle even after I finished cutting it. Dangerous!

glasses made from bottles

Some finished glasses. You can make wine glasses from the top half of the bottle. Like the one on the left, just attach a piece of wood as a base.

I also got very sick immediately after the workshop. I thought it was from breathing in glass dust, coz it started with a sore throat. My mask hadn’t been really tight and I had dust everywhere, on my clothes, in my hair.. And then I had a pretty severe flu for about a week.
Maybe my glass-cut throat just made me more vulnerable, it was just weird that it started straight after.

I also won’t be using the glasses I made for drinking glasses, more for decoration. I wasn’t a 100% happy with the sanding. Don’t want anyone to cut themselves!

recycled bottle glasses

I engraved some of my glasses. That was the most fun of all!

I love going to workshops lately! And to learn new things and skills. Even to sometimes learn, that a certain material is not really your thing. Glass is not really my sort of material and that’s fine.

My favourite materials are fabric and wood, but more on that later!