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Mini Homes And A Mini Rant

Hey, how is it going? Did you have a nice weekend?

I have been thinking about blogging everyday again, I mean who does such a thing, it seems crazy?! I suppose if you write it like a diary it’s alright.., but yeah, for me it takes a lot of my time. And sometimes I’m so tired after a day of work and all this other crap I’m doing, it’s kind of almost not really fun. But I’m worried that if I stop for a day I won’t start again. And I do kind of like it.

There aren’t always new things happening as I mentioned in another post before, it’s more of a continuum. I have been watching some pretty cool videos, but they are all in German, so I don’t want to post them here. I also found a kids program I used to watch as a kid, it’s called ‘Löwenzahn’, which means dandelion in German, and it’s about an inventor guy living in a wagon, a trailer, whatever you wanna call it. It’s pretty cool. I just watched the first two episodes were he moves into his wagon. I just thought it was funny, because I don’t think they make children’s programs like this anymore, they are all so fucking annoying and screamy. I watched a couple of minutes of them the other day in the lunch room at work. Holy Fuck!! No wonder kids are fully ADD nowadays, with all this tv crap and the sugar and the msg and all the other freaking chemicals that are in everything.. We are pretty much fucked!!

So yeah, I couldn’t post the German videos. So I looked for some other ones. I’m still really into the mini homes idea, we both are, so I found those two videos.

Interesting construction having all the technical gear in the floor and using a Stirling engine. I still don’t know what the fuck a Stirling engine is, but apparently it heats the place at the same time as it produces electricity. And it runs on bio diesel.

Anyways, I thought the house in the videos is a bit different. It’s a bit big for transport, but it’s pretty cool. So I hope you like the videos. Have a great day or evening!

Camping Impressions

Now how stupid is that?

It's the "Stupid Van". No offense, but what kind of a structure is this?!

This structure was actually standing under a roof as well. So you have like a caravan, that is permanently attached to a hut, and the whole structure is standing under an extra roof. Why not build just a cabin then!? Weird shit. I’ve seen a couple of those, they were painted in some really old school 70‘s colours, looking like the have been there for a while. I mean what’s the point? What’s the point of having a trailer if you can’t move it?

So pretty, right?! Love the texture and colours.

The obligatory goosebumps. I think you always get them when you are camping. At some point.

Brrr.. chilly..

We camped in a volcanic crater. Which is pretty cool.
Can’t see it, but here is the road that goes partially around it.

I love the contrast between the straw blonde grasses and the saturated green of the trees

Crazy Australian bark.

Shedding like crazy, what's up with that?! Are you a snake or a tree??

Our neighbours were a mini geologist, who proudly showed us all the rocks she’d collected, and her dad. I heard her father say in the morning, “You gonna get the hammer and break those rocks up?” Now that’s what I call positive parenting!
Other things that are nice about camping, setting up your tent right next to or in the woods, you got a great view from the tent, people are usually quiet, you can go for great nature walks first thing in the morning, sharing a fire with your neighbours, meeting new people.
Where do you love to go for a day or weekend trip? What do you love about it the most?

Back To Nature

Camping. Getting away from it all.  Like the time sucking-nes of the internet and facebook. Thank Fuck I don’t have a smart phone! I’m scared to get one!

Back to the basics, back to nature. Hearing the wind in the trees, seeing how dark it gets in the forest at night and how still. How wild it gets when the wind gusts blow suddenly through the forest.

Campfires! One of the best things about camping. When I smell the smell of wood fire it always reminds me of camping. It’s awesome. Something useful to teach your kids, how to make a fire. Responsibly of course.

Also great is to cook your dinner over a fire. How cool is that?! We had a frying pan with veggies over the fire, it took a while to heat up, but then it was sizzling away nicely.


We got our veggies from the local farmer’s market.


We just did a little bit of foraging, which basically just meant picking blackberries from the side of the track and of course, drinking the spring water, from the mineral springs.

They stain!

I like to take my regular bedding when I go camping. I mean this ain’t an arctic expedition nor are we climbing the Himalayas here, so no need for sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are not very romantic. Or very comfortable, otherwise you would probably always sleep in them.

This trip cured me from the idea of using compost toilets in the near future. I used one of them at the camp ground and came out nearly throwing up. THE SMELL!! Now some people say I’m sensitive to smell and I know I am, but that was something else! Now, I don’t know how viable wetland wastewater treatment is for the Australian climate, but I think that would be far more sophisticated.

I would think it would need less maintenance then composting toilets. And is less gross. And less crude. I’d say instead, use the toilet in town or dig yourself a hole!

Here is a picture of a campfire.

Campfires are the best!

Do you like camping and getting back to nature? What do you like best about it?