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The weather has been shit in Berlin. Apparently it isn’t summer right now, it’s RAINING SEASON! Seriously, it rains EVERY day, since weeks. Yeah, The Groundhog doesn’t lie and on Groundhog Day there was the most terrible weather ever. Stormy, windy, cold and I’m sure there was thunder and lightning as well.

So yeah, this shit is wearing me out right now. Also, I have to cycle around the city every day and it’s hot, cold, rainy and humid, changing every half an hour.

Anyways, coz this shit has been wearing me out I woke up with a sore throat yesterday. First thing I did, I remembered reading some really glorious reviews of gargling with a cayenne pepper drink. So I did that! Not so nice, especially if you choke on the pepper, you have tears streaming down your face, your lips and your whole mouth are burning like hell and your sore throat still isn’t better.

It just doesn’t work that well for me and I’ve tried it several times before.. but I keep thinking it SHOULD work. It seems to work for so many people!

I did that pepper drink twice yesterday and it didn’t get much better, in fact it was worse the next morning. I can take pain better then nausea, which I absolutely cannot cope with, but a sore throat really, really is annoying.. it’s agonizing. But I remembered that I read about drinks with apple cider vinegar being helpful.

Of curz I’d only use the organic, unpasteurized, unfiltered(cloudy) apple cider vinegar. The cheap crap you get in the supermarket might work alright too, but I wouldn’t use it.

What you need to make the drink,

•organic apple cider vinegar
•a sweetener of your choice, agave syrup, brown sugar, honey or whatever  you       like
•and warm water

I put 1 or 2 table spoons of vinegar in a glass and then add some agave syrup and half fill the glass with cold water, mix it and add boiling water. I add the boiling water later, to not completely fry the ingredients.

Stir and finished! Now you just need to drink it really slowly and maybe keep it in your mouth/throat for a while if you can. You can also gargle, but I hate gargling. That’s for children!

As I said, I woke up with quite a painful sore throat. I had 2 drinks in the morning, the first one I made wayyy too strong, apparently I forgot that one table spoon is enough and took about 1000% more. I don’t necessarily recommend that, but it may help if you are in REALLY bad pain. Then I had another drink in the evening. 3 drinks a day and my sore throat is almost gone. Awesome!

It soothes it more or less straight away, but if you remember, when you’re having a sore throat, hot drinks soothe it most of the time, but only for like a few minutes and then it’s just as bad as before. With the apple cider vinegar it soothes it and then gets better and better. Sounds like I’m convinced, doesn’t it?! No seriously, it’s good and maybe you wanna give it a try when your next sore throat is kicking in. And don’t use the cayenne pepper, it’s not necessary. ..unless you’re into really hot foods that is!


Snacks Made From Food Waste And Other Food

Here is a thing you can do, collect the pumpkin seeds from when you make a roast or whatever, clean them, dry them and roast them with tamari/soy sauce, sea salt and olive oil. No need to shell them. So Delicious!!
Great way to make food from things that are normally considered food waste. Also a great snack.

I’m sewing my ass off at the moment to send out all my orders before we leave, that’s why I’m neglecting this blog a bit. But that’s gonna change soon.

We are also listing lots of stuff on Ebay.

And are making lists, lists, lists..

Here is a picture of our lunch today, it was really nice. Tofu burger, spinach, potatoes, zucchini and tomatoes. All organic. We often eat our vegetables  raw.

Awesome lunch

We make a nice vegetable roast sometimes, it’s really simple, pumpkin, potato and carrots, maybe even broccoli and zucchini or whatever you wanna put in it, olive oil, salt pepper, maybe turmeric or cayenne pepper, if you like it spicy and 20 min in the oven. I love it! The pumpkin and potatoes go so well together in my opinion! What’s your favourite vegetarian recipe/thing to cook?

Cayenne Pepper And Turmeric

With eating healthy and stuff, everyone knows that eating fruit and vegetables is good for you, maybe even eating certain herbs, but the thing I find gets often overlooked is spices.

So let’s check out two that apparently have really great antioxidant properties.
First there is cayenne pepper, which can,

apparently stop heart attacks

give pain relief

strengthen the cardiovascular systems

remove plaque from arteries

prevent or reverse varicous veins

speed up weight loss and metabolism

help fighting the flu

and can even prevent cancer and stomach ulcers

I mean, not sure if it works for every one of those and for everybody, but wow, those are quite a lot of benefits.

Check out this video, it’s pretty cool and goes into more detail.

Now, turmeric has great anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties and has been used in the Indian Ayurvedic medicine for ages.

It might be used for,

fighting cancer

fighting inflammation


and even Alzheimer’s

This is a bit of an ad video, but it has some good statements in it, so I thought I’d post it.

Spices last a while, so it won’t be too expensive getting the organic version and you’ll get a product that’s free from pesticides and stuff. You might as well, if you want to use it for it’s healing properties. I think it’s also interesting to do some research into the processing of herbs and spices, as they are often heated up in the process. Get fresh ones as often as possible. Fresh turmeric roots obviously, but I haven’t seen fresh cayenne peppers yet, not sure what kind that would be?

I’ve gotten quite into the cayenne pepper. It’s hot, but the organic one doesn’t seem to burn as much as the regular one. A bit like with salt, Himalaya salt or sea salt to me tastes saltier, but doesn’t burn your mouth as regular table salt does. I bought some organic turmeric powder too, not keen on the taste, but it’s mild, so I just started adding it to some of my cooked food and even sprinkle it on sandwiches and salad.

Do you know of any healing properties of herbs and spices? What’s your favourite spice? What are your favourite home remedies?

Natural Painkiller

Seems to me that a lot of natural remedies are basically food. Interesting, right?!

The guys youtube channel looks interesting too. I will definitely be checking it out, might learn a couple of things!

I’d love to try this formula as I got excrutiating muscle ache at the moment. Unfortunately I don’t own a blender. Ah well, might just have to cut up some citrus and eat it with some cayenne pepper..

You got any great herbal remedies? Preferably made from stuff in your pantry?