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This is a no food processor recipe. I have been experimenting with raw foods since a while and always wanted to try some raw chocolate brownies.

I was meeting up with some people this week and thought that this would be a good reason to finally try making some raw, vegan sweets that also taste nice.



Now, my process of cooking often works like this. I get an idea of what I want to make, check the internet to get a vague idea what goes into the recipe, then I get the ingredients and throw them together how it feels right.

I also don’t have a food processor and if you are really into the raw foods you probably need one, but I just have to improvise.
This cake isn’t 100% raw, coz I bought ground almonds and hazelnuts, which are already roasted. If you want truly raw nuts you’ll probably have to do some research and order them over the net, coz I don’t think most regular organic shops sell them. And if they do sell them, they are most likely not ground yet. So yeah, the food processor problem..

Anyways, I got the ingredients and then just eyeballed it.

This is roughly what I used(and btw, this recipe is for about 4 people),

ground almonds 2 cup(about 200gr)
ground hazelnuts 1 cup(about 100gr)
cocoa powder 2 tbsp

1/2 cup banana (no chips, I think they are disgusting, get the chewy kind)
1/2 cup dates
If you have no banana use more dates instead or use raisins or whatever you like, this is just for taste and sweetness.

coconut oil 8 tbsp
thickened apple juice sweetener 6 tbsp (I don’t like agave juice, I think it’s too processed, also apples=more local)
lukewarm water 1/2 cup

Mix the almonds, hazelnut and cocoa powder.

Chop the banana and dates really finely, dump into the mix.

Warm up the coconut oil gently, don’t overheat it to keep the most of its healthy properties, mix it with the lukewarm water and the sweetener, dump into the mix and stir til everything is mixed nicely.
Taste mixture and make sure you like it.

I used a cute, little square dish(that I found in the street sometime) to put the mixture in. It’s about 15cmx15cm.

Put into fridge over night.

Cut into small slices.


Great texture. And it cuts really well!

Great texture. And it cuts really well!

The reason I wanted to make something with coconut oil is, that there was a person with dementia at the gathering, so I thought I would make something with extra virgin coconut oil.
Some people swear by the use of coconut oil to treat and prevent Alzheimer and dementia. I know eating it once probably won’t help much, but it can’t hurt, right?!

It’s funny when you meet with people that are a bit conservative and ..somehow set in their ways(most families?) and you tell them “I made some vegan cake and this is the first time I tried it, so I hope you like it!”. I was a bit nervous to be honest.
And after they had a slice you tell them, “By the way, I also didn’t cook it and there is no flour in it!”
And what do they do?! They say they like it and take another slice!!
You know, that’s the feeling of satisfaction.

That was cool. So the cake was a success and I know another healthy, vegan treat I can make for myself when I have cravings for something sweet.

Which raw, vegan treats have you tried making?


Amalgam And Root Canals

Amalgam fillings are made up of about 50% mercury.

Mercury poisoning has so many symptoms, I can’t even bother listing them all, but here is a list. It can have negative effects on the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, damage your immune system, negatively effect the cardiovascular system and so forth.

Mercury in the body is linked to Alzheimer’s and even unborn children have mercury measured in their brains, if their mothers had mercury fillings done.

In this experiment you can see the Mercury gassing off the teeth. ‘Smoking teeth’, now that’s just disgusting.

And can this be my dentist please?! This video shows how amalgam fillings can be removed safely.
I wan’t to get my last amalgam fillings removed, but removing them safely is so expensive and not many dentists offer it.

I’ve heard about the health risks mercury poses, I mean it’s a pretty obvious one and I heard root canals aren’t good for you either, but I never really properly checked out why.

This is like one of the only videos I didn’t nearly fall asleep to while watching it.

Apparently you can get infections, that can give you heart problems and all sorts of problems from the bacteria trapped in the tooth that causes infections.

And have you heard of coconut oil pulling before? I hadn’t, until I checked for these other oral health videos. I might give that a try.. can’t do any harm!

So, obviously you wanna avoid metals in your mouth or anywhere in your body if you can. But yeah, I still have to look more into that. Some doctors recommend to not even use metal in crowns or even titanium posts for implants. You really gotta do extensive research to know what your getting and the health risks it may involve.

Coconut Oil Fighting Alzheimer’s And Shit

I heard a lot about coconut oil being good for you lately. It’s kind of funny because it has gotten a pretty bad rep for all the saturated fats it’s supposed to contain. But apparently it is really good for you, for lots of different reasons. Like it contains lauric acid which helps fight viruses and bacteria.

I found this article and the list of conditions coconut oil can help you with seems very extensive.

•it can help with weight loss

•regulate blood pressure

•slow down or reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s!

•improve blood sugar levels for diabetics

•and improve heart diseases

to name but a few.

Pretty amazing! I love watching videos about people’s stories and their successes they had with alternative medicine or just a simple change of diet.

It can also be used in skin and hair care for it’s moisturizing and nourishing qualities.

For example

•helps with dry scalp

•helps to regrow and condition damaged hair

•can be used as a massage oil

•treats eczemas


•and other skin infections

I personally have tried it just a few times on a little patch of eczema I developed and it seems to work really well. Didn’t break my skin out either so far.

Pretty amazing how food is cosmetics and medicine at the same time!! The line is pretty blurry when you use whole foods. Unlike the chemicals that are our modern medicines and cosmetics.

Personally I’m not a huge coconut fan, I like the juice and flesh of fresh coconuts and a little bit of coconut here and there, but some products can taste quite rancid to me. But I bought some organic, extra virgin coconut oil and have used it for spreads and it’s quite nice actually, much better tasting then I thought and if you use it for your skin and hair it’s really rich and you only need a very small amount, so it lasts a long time, which makes it really affordable.

Have you tried any food as a medicine or cosmetic? Let me know in the comments!