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Food Matters

Here is a documentary a friend sent me. I’ve watched it before. It’s maybe a bit basic, but it’s probably a good introduction?

Full-length version

Have a great weekend. I’m completely fucked, been sewing all day and all week.



This documentary is about the (bottled) water industry. It looks pretty good, but I haven’t watched it yet.

Here is the trailer.

And here are some excerpts. About the chemicals that end up in the water from sewage and hormon-like substances leaking from water bottles.

Water and privatization.

And here you can watch the whole movie.

The World According To Monsanto

If you haven’t watched this documentary yet and you don’t know what Monsanto is or you wanna know more about them, watch it! I knew a little bit before I watched it and it just blew my mind.

Monsanto is an agricultural company, one of the biggest producers of GM foods and pesticides and are responsible for hugely polluting the food chain and the  environment. They were and are also a producer of other toxic chemicals, like Agent Orange.

They are massive and have really close ties to the FDA(Food and Drug Administration), their relationship seems to be very much affected by something I would call The Revolving Door Syndrome. Monsanto is also trying to patent all seeds and are producing killer seeds, which prevent the seed collection that lots of farmers rely on. Thereby ruining small farmers, some of whom resort to drinking their disgusting pesticides, to commit suicide.

Yeah, that’s how evil they are!

Here is the trailer (I couldn’t find one without french subtitles, the movie isn’t subtitled though).

If you wanna know more about who controls the world’s food supply and care about the health of human beings and the environment, Watch It!! I watched it a while ago and will definitely be watching it again.

Have a great weekend!

Who Killed The Electric Car?

If you haven’t watched this documentary yet, WATCH IT!! It’s pretty great, but pretty frustrating and a bit depressing maybe at times, as documentaries often can be. But it’s good anyways, so here is the trailer.

Here is the part 1 on youtube,

And here is a link to the full length movie on vimeo. It has funny subtitles though and the quality isn’t super great.

When I watched the documentary, I so wished I could have an electric car and run it on solar power with panels on the roof of our garage. That would be Sooo cool!!

Anyways, Big Oil fucked that one right up.. humans, are just too stupid for their own good.

Have a great weekend everyone!! I’m going camping, what are you up to?

Possum Living

Today i’m too tired to write a long post, so i thought you might wanna watch this short documentary.

It’s called Possum Living and is about an 18 year old girl and her dad living frugally on their own half-acre lot outside of Philadelphia in the late 70’s.

part 2

part 3