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Children’s Farm and a Lentil

Today we went to the farmer’s market at the Collingwood Children’s Farm in Abbotsford. They had animals in enclosures(which i don’t like, but i like patting the animals), different plants growing everywhere, a cafe and music, all in a really pretty foresty setting. But why is the market only once a month???

Got some very nice produce and then we went to eat at Lentil As Anything, which is a not for profit community restaurant where you can ‘pay as you feel’ for a really nice vegetarian/vegan buffet. It was delicious! I’m thinking of volunteering there, but it’s a bit tricky at the moment with working full-time and at the weekends i just wanna make my own food and go for drives in the country..

After that we went to the wholefoods shop.

When we got back i made a roast with our finds from the market, so inspiring to cook with veggies in all these odd shapes and gorgeous colours.

The roast I made

And i made another bread, which turned out nicer and much less messy then the one from last week. I put heaps of spices in it, that’s why i call it the Pepper Bread..

The Pepper Bread

We also found heaps of rosemary growing in a library car park. Now how cool is that?! That went straight into the roast! It smells so nice! I wish i could eat like this every day.

So yeah, lots of food foraging and cooking today and hopefully some more eating and relaxing with some youtube clips coming up!

Ah yeah, and i watched this.

Watch it! It’s good. It’s about kids and how they get marketed to and turned into mini consumers so they can grow up to be big consumers. Nice, right?! I hate brands and marketing and consumer crap. That shit should be outlawed! Or better, people should stop being so stupid and buy all this shit trying to fill the voids in their lives.. and stop buying this crap for their kids too.

I wish you all a happy weekend!! What are your plans? I might go for a drive in the country tomorrow..


Day Out/Forage, The Beginning

Now I’m back at work, at my day job. Difficult to keep up with changes when I’m working 40 hours a week, but I’m saving up some money at the moment, so i can make a transition at some point.

Most things are easier when you have a lot of time, like you might decide to eat healthier for example, you have a lot of time to prepare healthy food and read up on new recipes. You work and you’re trying to exercise more, maybe by the time you get home you are already too exhausted… not saying it’s impossible, it just takes more effort.

I find having breaks so inspiring, i had a week off over Christmas and i got so much done! Like relaxing, going for drives in the country and starting new projects.

Sometimes when you have time off all the time, you don’t appreciate it so much and get kind of sluggish, need to kick your own arse to get things done.

Anyways, we went to Daylesford area yesterday, 2 hours outside Melbourne, for a picnic, they have a lot of springs around there, so we went to one and filled up some water(you can bottle the water for free and there are like springs all over the place). They are supposed to taste quite different too.

The water at the spring we went to has quite a lot of sulphur in it, so it smells like rotten egg. It tastes like rock. With bubbles. It tastes a bit like rotten egg too, so at first i had to spit it out. But then i figured out you can drink it, just don’t breathe while you’re doing it.

So the water is quite bubbly which is nice.



But after about an hour, well it turns a bit like ..gross.


On our walks lately i have been keeping an eye out for edible plants. While i don’t know many yet we came across quite a couple of wild plum tress on the side of the roads and fields.

So i tried them, they seem okay.

Some of them taste like what i can only describe as floury(not good). Most of them are sweet and juicy, but have a sour skin.



I used to use tree sap and burn it on incense charcoal, used to smoke my flat out, sometimes it was so smokey, that my neighbours almost called the fire brigade. We found some sap. We been burning this with a little bit of wood and it just smells delicious!

If you do pick the dried sap don’t pick too much off one tree so it doesn’t start bleeding again.



What do you pick up on your trips into the wild?