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Two weeks ago I went to a free flea market for the first time. A free flea market is  just like at a normal flea market, but everything is of curz-free. Some of the market stalls are run by free shops, but anyone can come and participate and put up their own stall. People can come and just take things or if they wanna give something away, they just put it on one of the tables.
It’s like a spontaneous free shop.


I took the pictures a bit late, almost no sun anymore.

The last market was held outside on a nice, sunny day at the backyard of “Kunst-Stoffe” in Pankow, which is in the north part of Berlin.


What projects am I gonna make with these?

Kunst-Stoffe is also an interesting place, it’s like a recycling yard in a building. People and businesses can drop off materials and resources they don’t need anymore.

linen stack

Got a nice stack of fabrics!

They have fabrics, haberdashery, wood, old electronics, foams, wood, tiles.. all sorts of stuff. You have to pay for the things, but you can probably get them at a decent price.


A splitter box, also very useful!

The market was very small and lots of fun. I met some of my friends and we had a blast looking for things and hanging out.


Got one book on wild plants, the second one that I’ve got for free! And one on storage solutions.

One woman even gave me a free green smoothie.

kitchen knife

Ah yeah, a knife. You always need a knife.

There weren’t many stalls, but people brought really cool stuff, no rubbish. And some people even like “rubbish”, I would still use ripped clothing and sew something with it for example. And everyone was really lovely!!

Some eccentric coat hangers!

Some eccentric coat hangers!

Very awesome!! I will be there again next time!
Is there something like free markets where you are? If not, maybe you feel like organizing one?


Possum Living

Today i’m too tired to write a long post, so i thought you might wanna watch this short documentary.

It’s called Possum Living and is about an 18 year old girl and her dad living frugally on their own half-acre lot outside of Philadelphia in the late 70’s.

part 2

part 3


Abodes-Boats and Spaceships

I showed you a guy living in a tree house and one living off the grid in a camper van before in this post.

There is lots of different styles and places of living.

The houses in this video are most likely some of the most awesomest and most beautifulst houses there are.  They look like spaceships and I’m totally in love with all the organic shapes inside and out. Also they are fully sustainable, I mean does it get any better?

Just to show you you don’t have to be “a hippie in a mud hole” to live sustainably. You can do it with style!

Full movie here


And. Oh. My. God. I LOVE this woman’s house boat!!

It’s just awesome and cozy and it looks lovely and she seems really cool!


This video is really cool too! It’s about a woman who lives in a converted shipping container with her young daughter.

So inspiring and creative!! I love it how these people are like super creative and make do with small spaces and make things work and recycle used building materials.

Hope you have been as inspired as I have been by the videos. Are you making anything at the weekend?  As I said, I will be making some bread, I’m pretty excited about that!

Baking Bread

I’m going to bake my own bread at the weekend, see how this goes. The man has been dabbling in pizza breads, maybe i’ll do a post about something like that later.

Seems like to bake a bread you’ll need,

white flour
wholewheat flour
dry yeast
sea salt
brown sugar

a mixing bowl
some measuring devices
and a surface to knead the bread on
ah yeah and a towel and an oven of course

I try to stay away from recipes that involve eggs and butter, i mean are we baking a cake here or what?! Also it needs to be vegan and i like the old school version of bread..

Some of the videos i found use fancy instruments like thermometers and measuring spoons, who’s got shit like that at home? Why not make it easy and measure with teaspoons or something?

Anyways, at the moment i like to get organic rice chia bread from the wholefoods shop, it has a nice crunchy, chewy texture when you toast the shit out of it and it’s gluten free too. I also like the rye chia bread.

The lady in this videos puts honey in the dough to feed the yeast, some people put sugar in it, i suppose you can swap that with your favourite brown or palm sugar or rice malt syrup or whatever? Not sure..


I like the old lady in the video, she seems cool! I like her approach.

Here is part 2

Once you get good at it and get the basics right you can put all kinds of stuff into your bread, like chia, polenta, grated carrots and nuts.. GO WILD!!!

I’m gonna try this at the weekend and will tell you how it goes.

Not sure how much cheaper it is, but i like the idea of the process, you know, getting connected with your food.

This video is pretty cool too, i like the videos i posted, coz they are really basic and they have a lot of info in them too.


Some people seem not to be able to digest gluten, not sure if it’s necessary for the rest of us to stay away from it? I will make some gluten free bread later.

I also bought some breads made from sprouted grains at the wholefood shop, they are stored in the fridge and i find them overly sweet. Not sure if it’s from the sprouting process or the kind of bread i got, but i tried two different ones and they were both basically the same. Too sweet for me!

I wanna make breads with soaked grains though, but i don’t have a grinder at the moment so i’ll leave that for later.

Do you need sugar and yeast to make bread?

What do you do if the yeast doesn’t rise, just chuck the dough out? Seems like a waste..

Have you made bread before? You got any tips?

The Challenge

So I’m doing this challenge.

It’s not really a New Years resolution, more like a lifestyle challenge.

I believe to change your habits, especially if they are quite significant, there needs to be a slow transition.

Many people try to push themselves too far, too quickly and are trying to be perfect at the same time.

That’s why New Years resolutions very often don’t work.

I think it’s important to just push yourself enough, so it’s interesting, exciting even, but not so hard that you’re wearing out. Balance..

In my life there are going to be a lot of changes in quite a few areas, the ones listed below are the basic ones, but i will figure them out on the way as well and update them.

Here is an awesome video i found about minimalist living, foraging and skipping.

There is a couple of things i want to change in my life, but i will just tell you where I am coming from.

I have been vegetarian for over a decade and i haven’t been drinking or smoking for about the same time. I don’t eat at fast food restaurants, hate shopping(most of the time) and I never owned a tv in my life. I run my own clothing label part-time and work full-time for about 8 months a year. I’ve done some backpacking, some squatting and skipping, but more on that later..

So some of the challenges are,

at the moment we have 2 cars, turn them into 2 bikes

turn my full-time work into part-time work

switch from a 3 bedroom house to a shared accommodation

do volunteering(i especially like the idea of feeding people..)

if i have to buy shit, don’t buy mass produced, buy local/organic/sustainable, 2nd hand or handmade, make shit yourself

reduce personal items

eat vegan/organic

And now the BIGGEST challenge of all, blog about it EVERY DAY for one year!

I probably forgot some, but as I said this is going to be an ongoing project and I will update challenges as i go.

Here is an awesome picture by one of my friends.



Its called ‘New Beginning’ which i find fits quite nicely. Pretty, right?!

Have you got any (NewYears) challenges? Tell me about them!

1st Day of the Year

A Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you had a great New Years Eve and stuff..


This page is about frugal living, minimalist lifestyles, organic food, about alternative/sustainable lifestyles, avoiding waste and buying socially conscious, sprinkled with a bit of prepper.

And lots of other stuff..

I started it as a (New Years) challenge, to change my lifestyle and keep track of the progress and share what i find with other people

Here are some videos to tell you what this site is going to be about(among other things..)


The No Money Man


The No Money Woman


And the Man that lives in a Tree House


What are your favourite alternative lifestyle, money saving websites? Drop me a link i wanna know!