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Saturday Update

Today we just chilled. It was raining anyways. So we watched some German videos on alternative living.

Then we made a list of stuff we need to sell on Ebay for our move. Gotta list them soon! As we need to move out of our house several days before we leave. Getting rid off most of our possessions is also gonna prepare us for the minimalist lifestyle.

And I’m just about to sell all the clothes from my online shop. Hopefully that isn’t gonna be too stressful. Also a bit sad, I’d hate to waste stuff.

And one of my blogging friends posted this link about Berlin foraging and mushroom walks in my comments the other day. I thought that was really awesome of her! We were struggling quite a bit with the foraging here and I think that’s gonna be a great introduction to the German foraging scene. I’m really excited about it! Gonna be eating dandelions soon and making woodruff drinks and shit like that.


Shop At Home (it’s not what you think)

I got inspired by this catchy phrase one of my friends left in the comments on my post on spending the other day.

“And, last but not least: shop at home. Have a rummage through the stuff that you already have & you’ll be amazed at what you have. Spend a couple of days using it and playing with it.”

It describes pretty well what i’m doing at the moment, so i thought i’d use it.

I’m minimizing my stuff at the moment, i pulled all this shit out of cupboards and shelves and things and it looked like.. like a family of possums had attacked our house, okay, maybe not that dirty.. I sorted everything into things to sell, things to give away, things to use(up) and things to throw. Anyways, i found all this stuff that i never use, unfinished projects and things..

Here is some stuff that i found

art and craft supplies




I love and i hate getting rid off  things. I like giving them away, but still, if i spend money and time accumulating those things that i’m planning on using and then i end up not using them, coz of lack of time or whatever, it makes me feel bad. And it’s the things you get and wanna use, like art supplies, that i can’t let go off, coz it feels kind of sad. 

So i thought i’d use them. I’m not spending any money on anything other then on food at the moment anyways(and of curz all the other shitty bills, like rent and electricity..).

I’ll definitely have some fun with that stuff. And imagine how much more space and time and peace of mind i’ll have once i finished all those unfinished projects.

Black Night

For example, i did this crazy painting the other day, i just painted this canvas i had black and put it in the rain. If i would have really painted it pitch black it would have turned out better. But nevermind. It’s just, those unfinished projects, the things you always wanted to do and thought you either didn’t know how to do or didn’t have the time for. Just do them. Go crazy with them! Who cares?! You don’t have to sell them and no one else other then you has to like them! Anyways, i’m not finished with this painting, i was actually just drawing a black base. It definitely needs some more colour ..just some..
What unfinished projects are waiting in the nooks and crevices of your house?
What would you do if you had half a day spare and could do whatever you wanted(and no cleaning and shit like that, that’s cheating)?