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Cooking Is Like Blogging And Something About Meditation

Writing a blog post is to me a lot like cooking. I go into the kitchen/on the computer and look at what I’ve got. Sometimes I’ve got an idea of what to write/to cook, normally I just collect bits and pieces and try to make something out of them. Usually that works quite well.
Thought I’d give you an update on my de-cluttering, healthy lifestyle challenge.

Markets, I never quite liked them, but now that we are going to the farmer’s market every weekend I’m a bit less apprehensive. I hate being pounced on and I feel bad sometimes going up to peoples stalls and looking at their stuff and not buying anything. And some people are trying the hard sell on you. In the beginning I was like, “Fuuuck, what am I gonna get??” coz obviously I couldn’t see the produce very well, from my safety distance. Which was only aggravated by the fact that I’m pretty short sighted.

I’ve also started meditation again. I’ve started it years and years ago, strangely enough reading and listening to more instructions on how to meditate correctly, I kind of lost the enthusiasm for it. I got really twitchy and itchy every time I sat down for it and I felt like my head is going to explode, after like a minute, while at the same time I felt like I had a whole ant colony running over my body. Well now, that may just be slightly over exaggerated.. but it wasn’t good. Now I’m back to freestyling it. Waaayy better!!

Today, I stayed in bed the whole day and just read books and napped. IT WAS AWESOME!! Good for clearing your head and getting a rest.
We also had some healthy meals and cleaned up the whole house in the evening. Which is nice, coz I like a clean, orderly house. I wanted to go camping this weekend, but the weather report said it would rain both days, so I thought I’d stay at home getting rid off stuff, relax and buy some healthy food. Well, obviously it hardly rained at all. What are these people doing in their weather stations?! I mean, I can do a better weather report by looking out of the window in the morning. I can tell you it will be raining tomorrow or the sun will shine and half of the time I would be right, which is basically just as often as the weather people get it right! This is supposed to be highly technological! I’m not impressed.

The de-cluttering is in full force. I pulled all the unfinished projects into my studio, which, it hardly needs mentioning, looks like shit now. I hate having so many unfinished projects in one room. It gives me headaches, it’s overwhelming. I don’t know where to start and I don’t even feel like setting a foot into the room. Ah well, I will deal with them tomorrow..

What have you been doing at the weekend? Did you finish any projects? Did you do anything exciting? Any de-cluttering?

The Challenge

So I’m doing this challenge.

It’s not really a New Years resolution, more like a lifestyle challenge.

I believe to change your habits, especially if they are quite significant, there needs to be a slow transition.

Many people try to push themselves too far, too quickly and are trying to be perfect at the same time.

That’s why New Years resolutions very often don’t work.

I think it’s important to just push yourself enough, so it’s interesting, exciting even, but not so hard that you’re wearing out. Balance..

In my life there are going to be a lot of changes in quite a few areas, the ones listed below are the basic ones, but i will figure them out on the way as well and update them.

Here is an awesome video i found about minimalist living, foraging and skipping.

There is a couple of things i want to change in my life, but i will just tell you where I am coming from.

I have been vegetarian for over a decade and i haven’t been drinking or smoking for about the same time. I don’t eat at fast food restaurants, hate shopping(most of the time) and I never owned a tv in my life. I run my own clothing label part-time and work full-time for about 8 months a year. I’ve done some backpacking, some squatting and skipping, but more on that later..

So some of the challenges are,

at the moment we have 2 cars, turn them into 2 bikes

turn my full-time work into part-time work

switch from a 3 bedroom house to a shared accommodation

do volunteering(i especially like the idea of feeding people..)

if i have to buy shit, don’t buy mass produced, buy local/organic/sustainable, 2nd hand or handmade, make shit yourself

reduce personal items

eat vegan/organic

And now the BIGGEST challenge of all, blog about it EVERY DAY for one year!

I probably forgot some, but as I said this is going to be an ongoing project and I will update challenges as i go.

Here is an awesome picture by one of my friends.



Its called ‘New Beginning’ which i find fits quite nicely. Pretty, right?!

Have you got any (NewYears) challenges? Tell me about them!