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Natural Dyes – An Introduction

I watched this video the other day and got really exciting about trying out some natural dyes.

If you have a big garden, you can try out all the different plants and their parts like leaves and flowers and barks and roots and stuff. Or you just go into the wild or some herbal shops and get some stuff from there.
Apparently you also have to get mordants for most plant dyes. Mordants set dyes and can also considerably change the shade of the colour, depending on what mordants you use. They are mostly minerals, like alum, copper and iron. Still have to look into how they work. It seems a bit complicated. I want to dye some natural fibres, like cotton and bamboo. I know wool and silk are very susceptive to natural dyes, but I don’t want to use them as they are obviously not vegan.
This video is great too, it shows a purpose-built dye garden.

Pretty cool, maybe I can plant some of these plants.

Have you used natural dyes before? Did you like it?