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Blogging isn’t easy for me, so I’m trying a new approach – very quick posts.
Yesterday we went for a bike ride along the old East/West Berlin border. Really recommendable! The part we went to is between a river and an autobahn and it’s really green. There is quite a few people there, but it’s still kind of mystical. I’ve never been there before. We even went outside Berlin, crossing the border to Brandenburg, the next state. We saw horses, sheep, lots of birds and a crane.


On the way we’ve found some wild rocket. I have been finding it around Berlin quite a bit this year, never noticed it before or knew it grew wild. Just came across the smell one day and thought I’d try it. It tastes amazing! Quite peppery and so much better then from the store!

In one of the little towns outside the city we came across some bushes of different kinds of cherry plums next to the road. The bigger yellow kind, some red ones and some small unripe looking things, literally the size of cherries. I first was worried they’d be really sour. But they are delicious, bursting in your mouth, just a bit tangy, but also really sweet. So, we were grazing from these bushes for a while and then took some home too.


Another good thing about them, they are really easy to pick, coz not on a tree. If I get a garden I need to plant a couple of those. I didn’t like the yellow and red kind too much. Too floury, not so juicy and refreshing.

We also went into a garden colony, which was very neatly kept, around the corner from us. And people had put out baskets with apples and little pots with plants to take. Very sweet!

Yesterday was great! We’ve been having really great weather the last couple of days, actually the whole summer has been pretty good so far. I’m soaking in the last rays, getting worried autumn will be here soon.

Anyways, we had an awesome day out, it was really cool seeing a very different side of Berlin, at times I thought myself in another town and to get some foraging in.

Have a great week!!!


This documentary is about the (bottled) water industry. It looks pretty good, but I haven’t watched it yet.

Here is the trailer.

And here are some excerpts. About the chemicals that end up in the water from sewage and hormon-like substances leaking from water bottles.

Water and privatization.

And here you can watch the whole movie.

Camping Impressions

Now how stupid is that?

It's the "Stupid Van". No offense, but what kind of a structure is this?!

This structure was actually standing under a roof as well. So you have like a caravan, that is permanently attached to a hut, and the whole structure is standing under an extra roof. Why not build just a cabin then!? Weird shit. I’ve seen a couple of those, they were painted in some really old school 70‘s colours, looking like the have been there for a while. I mean what’s the point? What’s the point of having a trailer if you can’t move it?

So pretty, right?! Love the texture and colours.

The obligatory goosebumps. I think you always get them when you are camping. At some point.

Brrr.. chilly..

We camped in a volcanic crater. Which is pretty cool.
Can’t see it, but here is the road that goes partially around it.

I love the contrast between the straw blonde grasses and the saturated green of the trees

Crazy Australian bark.

Shedding like crazy, what's up with that?! Are you a snake or a tree??

Our neighbours were a mini geologist, who proudly showed us all the rocks she’d collected, and her dad. I heard her father say in the morning, “You gonna get the hammer and break those rocks up?” Now that’s what I call positive parenting!
Other things that are nice about camping, setting up your tent right next to or in the woods, you got a great view from the tent, people are usually quiet, you can go for great nature walks first thing in the morning, sharing a fire with your neighbours, meeting new people.
Where do you love to go for a day or weekend trip? What do you love about it the most?