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Two weeks ago I went to a free flea market for the first time. A free flea market is  just like at a normal flea market, but everything is of curz-free. Some of the market stalls are run by free shops, but anyone can come and participate and put up their own stall. People can come and just take things or if they wanna give something away, they just put it on one of the tables.
It’s like a spontaneous free shop.


I took the pictures a bit late, almost no sun anymore.

The last market was held outside on a nice, sunny day at the backyard of “Kunst-Stoffe” in Pankow, which is in the north part of Berlin.


What projects am I gonna make with these?

Kunst-Stoffe is also an interesting place, it’s like a recycling yard in a building. People and businesses can drop off materials and resources they don’t need anymore.

linen stack

Got a nice stack of fabrics!

They have fabrics, haberdashery, wood, old electronics, foams, wood, tiles.. all sorts of stuff. You have to pay for the things, but you can probably get them at a decent price.


A splitter box, also very useful!

The market was very small and lots of fun. I met some of my friends and we had a blast looking for things and hanging out.


Got one book on wild plants, the second one that I’ve got for free! And one on storage solutions.

One woman even gave me a free green smoothie.

kitchen knife

Ah yeah, a knife. You always need a knife.

There weren’t many stalls, but people brought really cool stuff, no rubbish. And some people even like “rubbish”, I would still use ripped clothing and sew something with it for example. And everyone was really lovely!!

Some eccentric coat hangers!

Some eccentric coat hangers!

Very awesome!! I will be there again next time!
Is there something like free markets where you are? If not, maybe you feel like organizing one?


Burn Your Shit

I don’t know where I heard about incinerator toilets before, but I thought about them today and thought I’d check them out.

First post I found on the net was on this blog.

Here is a little excerpt,

“The gateway to Hades opens up and everything within a couple inches is sucked into its gaping maw. The toilet then incinerates your thoughtful gifts at a very high temperature. I’m guessing somewhere around 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit or the surface temperature of the sun, whichever is hotter. The manual says 1,200 degrees F. For those of you recipe freaks, that’s 1,200 degrees for one hour, then cooled to 130 degrees over the next 45 minutes.”


I’m looking into off-the grid options for human waste disposal. I looked into composting toilets and composting shit before. But I like the more elegant solution of grey/black water wetland systems much better. Now, if you don’t live on your own land or in the woods, the thought of walking around with a bucket full of shit and thinking about where to dispose of it, gives me kind of a headache.

But there is another option, incinerator toilets. I just had a quick look at them and they seem pretty cool. Clean and handy, you only have a little bit of ash to deal with, less smell and disgustingness then with other sustainable toilet options. The drawbacks are that you have to buy and burn paper liners, that it uses electricity and that it may create some slight air pollution.. to me, the positives seem to outweigh the negatives here. As a on-the-go solution that is. Still love the wetlands idea best I think.

And with under $2000US I think those toilets are pretty affordable.

This is how it works.

And here is a nice instructional video.

Have you heard of incinerator toilets before? What sustainable solution for toilets do you prefer?


Small Space Big Style

I started watching this show today. Not that great, I mean it’s made by my favourite channel, Fox, what do I expect?! I can’t even believe I’m recommending this show here, I must be scraping the bottom of the barrel. Ah well, I’m a sucker for architecture and interior design and I LOVE to see interesting design ideas, at the moment especially how people deal with small spaces. To see some creative ideas. I watched the first 2 parts of this episode and it didn’t quite blow me away. I mean they had the usual staircase/bookcase solution, but to be honest, when I go all minimalist I won’t be needing a bookcase as I’ll probably only own 3 books or something. Now, of course, I could put something else in the shelf, but I hate clutter, so yeah, not for me that one. One of the flats had an interesting “fold out” kitchen, but I do find it rather annoying having to convert furniture all the time, like beds and offices and whatever else.. Some of it can be alright, but I NEED a proper bed!!



Mini Homes And A Mini Rant

Hey, how is it going? Did you have a nice weekend?

I have been thinking about blogging everyday again, I mean who does such a thing, it seems crazy?! I suppose if you write it like a diary it’s alright.., but yeah, for me it takes a lot of my time. And sometimes I’m so tired after a day of work and all this other crap I’m doing, it’s kind of almost not really fun. But I’m worried that if I stop for a day I won’t start again. And I do kind of like it.

There aren’t always new things happening as I mentioned in another post before, it’s more of a continuum. I have been watching some pretty cool videos, but they are all in German, so I don’t want to post them here. I also found a kids program I used to watch as a kid, it’s called ‘Löwenzahn’, which means dandelion in German, and it’s about an inventor guy living in a wagon, a trailer, whatever you wanna call it. It’s pretty cool. I just watched the first two episodes were he moves into his wagon. I just thought it was funny, because I don’t think they make children’s programs like this anymore, they are all so fucking annoying and screamy. I watched a couple of minutes of them the other day in the lunch room at work. Holy Fuck!! No wonder kids are fully ADD nowadays, with all this tv crap and the sugar and the msg and all the other freaking chemicals that are in everything.. We are pretty much fucked!!

So yeah, I couldn’t post the German videos. So I looked for some other ones. I’m still really into the mini homes idea, we both are, so I found those two videos.

Interesting construction having all the technical gear in the floor and using a Stirling engine. I still don’t know what the fuck a Stirling engine is, but apparently it heats the place at the same time as it produces electricity. And it runs on bio diesel.

Anyways, I thought the house in the videos is a bit different. It’s a bit big for transport, but it’s pretty cool. So I hope you like the videos. Have a great day or evening!

The Pee and Poo Show

The title of this video was just too great to pass up!

I about heard people using humanure before and i thought that would be really, reeaaally gross!! Like crapping into a field kinda gross. But the method the woman in the clip is using looks actually pretty straight forward. Not straight forward enough for me mind you, i’d prefer it if the grey water from showers and washing machines was hooked up to the toilet. Doesn’t make sense to me that that isn’t standard by now..

I think the clip is great though. Really hands on. Literally!(Watch it!) If you hear people talk about sustainable living, people mostly talk about growing a vegetable patch or re-using building materials, but you hardly ever hear people talk about crap. Now i know having a composting toilet would be pretty hardcore and you have to start somewhere and it’s not for everyone, but if you wanted to live sustainably and off the grid, that would be one of the major items to think about. Also, this is obviously not a subject people talk about as enthusiastically as for example how their new tomato plants are doing..

I heard about a filter system before, but i haven’t really seen how it works yet, where the human waste is filtered through different garden beds and the plants(obviously not plants meant for eating) filter all the shit out. If you know more about that or have any links to it post them in the comments! Also if you know of other sustainable ways of dealing “with your shit”, post them too! What method do you prefer?

Possum Living

Today i’m too tired to write a long post, so i thought you might wanna watch this short documentary.

It’s called Possum Living and is about an 18 year old girl and her dad living frugally on their own half-acre lot outside of Philadelphia in the late 70’s.

part 2

part 3