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More Tiny Houses

Love watching videos about tiny houses, so inspirational!

Here is a fun trailer, I want one like that! So awesome.
Bohemian, gypsy chic.

Also love this little house and it’s always great if they are mobile, so yeah, would definitely go for a house on a trailer.

This one is cool too. Dude doesn’t live in the trailer anymore, but Airstreams are just sooo stylish!

What’s your favourite kind of tiny house?

Tiny Houses

I love tiny houses.

I’ve seen a couple of videos about them now. They are so minimalist and efficient and cute.

There is even a tiny house movement!  And blogs about them, like the Tiny House Blog. I didn’t realize how popular they were.

There are different reasons why people choose to live in a tiny and/or portable home, getting out of the mortgage and work rat race, living more simple lives and living more sustainably are just some of them. Being able to move around and take your home with you, is another big drawing card for a portable home.

This woman let’s us have a look at her little house.

What i don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have a shower. I like that it’s pretty uncluttered and zen-looking. And those workshops they are holding look pretty cool.

I think a lot of people would be worried about the tiny space and where to store things, i’m not so worried about that, i would be more concerned about the following things..

What do you do with a compost toilet? What about the smell of it? Can you get biodegradable chemicals for it?
Where do you get your water from? What do you do with waste water? Where do you put your rubbish? Compost?
What do you do about electricity? Propane? Solar? And the biggest question of all is, where the hell do you park it?

Love this little cabin too, although this is not a portable one. I like the portable ones, but i like this one too, coz it’s bigger.
He also shows how he hooks up his shower and gas and shit which is pretty interesting. You know the important stuff!

Well, what i was saying about the parking just before, here is a pretty sad article of what some nazi councils are up to nowadays. Kicking people off THEIR OWN land, some of who have been living their for 30 years! Pretty sad! It’s all for your own protection.. much safer for you to be homeless.. A bit ranty i know, but this just makes me angry.

So if your house isn’t built up to code for your area or country you might get in trouble with the authorities, so please take that into consideration.

I will definitely consider a tiny house for the future. We will see what happens..

What do you think about tiny houses? Too tiny? Do you like the sustainability? What would your improvement be?