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Most days I’ll make myself a fast and easy green smoothie for breakfast.
I love green smoothies as a start to my day, coz they put up my veg/fruit intake in an instance, are really fresh and give me quite a boost of energy.
And the washing up is done in a minute if you do it straight after, just rinse the friggin blender and off you go.
Also they can taste really nice.

I’ve got a pretty shitty blender, which doesn’t just chew up about anything you throw in there, like you see people do in youtube videos with their really fancy blenders.

So, I have to kind of consider what I throw in.

For an easy and healthy breakfast, for which you can even use a shitty blender(well tried by myself) I’ll use,

4 bananas
2 handfuls of spinach
1-2 tbsp of cold pressed hemp oil
600ml cold water

Blend for about a minute. This should be enough for 2 people.


Love smoothies!

Love smoothies!

Hemp oil is the bomb. Apparently. It has all sorts of good shit in it, like Omega 3 and Omega 6 and chlorophyll.

Best to get in organic quality. Very cold pressed. Check the suppliers info for details on the pressing process they use. The colder and quicker the process and the less oxygen touches the oil during it, the better.

I use bananas, coz they taste nice and are easy to get. And I use spinach, coz I like it’s mild, fresh and buttery taste. I don’t like rucola for a daily smoothie, it’s too strong and I don’t like the taste of silverbeet.
Kale would be a great option also, but a shitty blender just can’t handle that stuff.

I like this as my basic daily smoothie. But you can experiment with different add ins or use other ingredients you like better.

So, here is a bonus recipe, over Easter I tried my hands on some fancy shit.

green smoothie2

Delicious and healthy!


Use the stuff of the basic smoothie and add,

1 tbsp of spirulina
1 tbsp of cocoa powder
5 dates

I got the Spirulina at a raw food expo the other week, from a guy who grows it in the Provence in green houses, using only solar energy. All organic and shit. Nice stuff. Here is his website, unfortunately it’s only in German and French, but he’s got some cool pics on there.

For the cocoa powder I used a sweetened one(with raw sugar), gave me a nice sugar kick, but also a little crash.
If you wanna avoid the crash, using unsweetened raw cocoa might be better.

Enjoy your healthy meal and have fun experimenting!

Forks Over Knives

So, this is what I’ll be watching on the weekend! Well, one of the documentaries anyways. ‘Forks over Knives’ is about curing common diseases of Western societies like heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer by simply changing your diet. I haven’t watched the documentary yet, but as far as I can tell it’s basically about eating a plant based, whole food diet.

You can find the full version of the movie here.

What are you doing at the weekend? Are you watching anything? Got any great clips to share? What are your favourite documentaries?

The Beautiful Truth

I’d really recommend watching this documentary.

The style is a bit different, sometimes it sounds more like an educational movie for children. I like it because it covers lots of different things about health, like mercury in fillings, msg, aspartame and how to cure cancer by changing your diet. Which is pretty amazing if it works!

Ok, enjoy and have a nice weekend!