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Zero Waste

I really like the concept of Zero Waste. I like the refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle mantra. To me, it really fits into the minimalist lifestyle that avoids overconsumption.

And if you are thinking of partially or fully getting off the grid, then that’s one concept to think about. It’s part of being self reliant and independent, not needing the weekly rubbish pick up.

Also it is obviously good for the environment.

I’m not quite sure how easy it would be to go zero waste in an urban environment, as you would definitely need a compost. Some cities provide compost bins for food waste, but not all.

Most of the rubbish we got in our home consists of food packaging and not much else. And there is always so much of it! Now, that we eat more fresh produce, it’s a shame to throw kitchen scraps into the bin, from where it goes straight into the landfill. If they could at least use it there, to make it into methane or something..

Plastic packaging is obviously evil, but it’s also other things that get discarded, that may be in perfect working condition, which we just trow out because we got a replacement or don’t use it anymore. Think about giving things away, to charity shopes for example.

I loved watching the clips of this Zero Waste families home. I like it because I found some other Zero Waste clips, where people are like really into their recycling. While that is obviously a good thing also, I really like the minimalist approach of refusing to drag waste into your house in the first place. Recycling is good, but plastic bottles still have to be made from oil, consume energy and water in production, recycling and transport processes. So yeah, with some thought, a lot of waste can be avoided in the first place. And it’s healthy, because most of the time packaged food=processed food, unpackaged food=whole food.

I love this and how stylish does their home look?! Here is another one!

And here are some easy tips to get your started if you are thinking about reducing waste in your home.

Go to the farmer’s market and buy fresh, unpackaged fruit and vegetable. Great for you the environment and small farmer’s.

Buy loose foods, reconsider packaged foods. Cook from scratch if possible.

Buy loose dry goods.

Use reusable containers, produce and shopping bags when shopping.

Make your own non toxic cleaners with lemon, bi-carb soda, vinegar or borax.

Make your own cosmetics with coconut oil, cocoa butter, bi-carb and crystal salt.

For more tips and information check out this great link to the tips section of The Zero Waste Home.

Have you tried cutting waste in your home? In what ways?


Freegans, weird name, right?! I don’t like it. What has getting stuff for free to do with vegan, coz it doesn’t hurt anyone?! Doesn’t mean they are vegan either. When i was squatting i never heard anyone actually call themselves a freegan.

That’s to say, i like the concept, just find the name a bit  ..contrived.

Nevertheless, you can check out this freegan website to find out more about how the ideologies of waste minimization, consuming and working less and eco-friendly transportation are tying in with the freegan lifestyle .

I posted a clip about some freegan practices in this previous post before.

Have a look at how the freegans do it, in these clips.

This woman’s show is quite funny(she’s so Australian!).

Freegan/dumpster diving/skipping and food recycling, as it is sometimes called, isn’t for everyone, i find it a bit rough and embarrassing to go through bins looking for food, but i have done it and i have eaten food other people pulled out of the rubbish (in general i’m more comfortable with getting other stuff, furniture or homewares for example).
If you’re broke, you’re grateful for things you probably wouldn’t normally be so grateful for.

Also, for most people i met it wasn’t a political statement it was a necessity, but then i suppose your life is always in some way a political statement.

Have you ever pulled shit out of the rubbish, apart from picking up the odd piece of hard rubbish from the side of the road? What was your best find? Would you eat food that came out of the bin if it was fresh and clean?